Monday, March 14, 2016

Top O' The Week . . .

Happy Top Of The St. Patrick's Day Week to you!

We celebrated in New London yesterday, with a Parade for the Ages.

And who better to start it?

That's right. Mr. D.

It was lovely.

Wanna see some photos?

Best view in town.

The mustaches are a nice touch.

The once and future Grand Marshall.

Sporting the colors. 

Minuteman Press is in every shot.

photo: Sean D. Elliot, The Day

There is only one person all of us could ever be this excited to see . . .

. . . O'Hsinnessey!

There were lots of uniforms being rocked . . . 

. . . and our adorable friend Eva . . . 

. . . and our Northern Indian Restaurant neighbor . . . 

. . . and the Leprechaun who leapt off his float to get his photo taken. 

Let's Go Whalers!

Whaler Pride, baby.

And what's a parade without Daisys . . . 

. . . and men dressed in doggie suits?

We ran out of beer water so I went across the street, and when I came out . . .

. . . the parade was over.

But what a parade it was.

Oh, and did I mention?

Later that day?

Bring it on.


mom said...

Love it Ellie... Happy St. Patrick's week, go UConn...
love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Looks fun! Erin go braughless