Monday, March 28, 2016

Da Moms

Mistah took a million photos yesterday.

A million.

Sadly none of them were with our camera.


But we got ol' camera girl to grab mom's phone and take a couple for us, in the meantime . . .

. . . and the results were spectacular.

. . . or at least pretty good, for a coupla white-legged, white-faced broads.

My uncles say "broads". I secretly love it. Because it's so weirdly awesome. I mean, how is a woman a broad? I do not know. I hope it's not derogatory. Because I'm sticking with it.


Our lovely hosts put out such a gorgeous spread and we were so delighted and honored to be a part of it.

Ol' camera girl has millions of photos of all 13 of us on her camera, smiling maniacally for many many self-timers.

But we have the moms.

The Moms!

Aren't we lucky, to have our Moms?


We are. We are the luckiest.


mom said...

We're the lucky ones, to have such great kids! Thank you to Ramona and Ed Dowd for being such gracious hosts for such a lovely meal. It was awesome to spend Easter with two of my six amazing daughters, missed you other four so much, but know you all had great days. lovely post Ellie
love, mom

Beth said...

The mom the The Dowd? C'mon! That's awesome. With both your and Mistah's mom? The best-est.


jacquie said...

love this so very desperately! such matronly love for our matriarch, and her easter co-moms. I have to say, I was very confused by mom's outfit in the deck series because I thought her scarf was a dress... any yet.. trousers?! Clearly I am not the brains of the operation.

I love you people.


Anonymous said...

yes you are very lucky to have your moms.... very lucky indeed. Glad y'all had a nice day and hope to see more pics coming! We had a really nice day here in New Joisey, too- but WE were the "older generation" in this crowd! Lol - which was fine, too. Very grateful to have earned that status and love all my nieces, nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews.
Love you! Hope see u soon! Xo Joan