Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keeping it weird

I read a book a while back that suggested that you keep a "weirdness journal" to help you become more aware of what's really going on -- to help you get out of your small self-focused mode and awaken to the bigger picture. The idea is to have a little notebook, or list on your phone, or even an  audio app where you can describe "all the strange, inexplicable things that happen in your life." You know, all those serendipitous, amazing coincidences that occur, ie, the universe talking to you.

Here are mine from last week....

(1) Once upon a time my mother suggested to my brother that when he had kids he should name his son Benjamin Joseph and his daughter Amanda Lynn. She is a very clever woman and thought it would be great fun to have a grandson and daughter named Banjo and Mandolin (or Ben Jo and Mandy Lynn as the case may be). My brother went on to have both a son and a daughter, but alas, he did not name them Banjo and Mandolin. Bastid! Regardless, I love this story, and sometimes share it with people, as I did a early last week with a musician friend of mine, who also got a laugh out of it.

Fast forward to later in the week when I received instructions from the leader of a yoga immersion that I am currently doing to find my buddy on the list of all other immersioners and contact him or her to set up a time to connect. My first  surprise was that there was another participant in San Diego -- how cool! (I don't know about you, but I would rather meet in person than via Skype or Facetime.) My second surprise was to discover that he was a man. (I don't have anything against women, but it is year of the man, so I'm happy to connect with one in this completely platonic and educational way.) Thirdly, I was delighted and surprised to see that he used his entire name in his email address, and, I kid you not, it was Benjamin Joseph?!  For real? Mom, I found your Banjo!

But honestly, who does that? Your entire name in your email addy? Not many people; I can't think of anyone else I know, actually, but lucky for me Banjo does.

I can't wait to meet Amanda Lynn!

(2) On Saturday I sent a message to a woman, Casey, whom I did a yoga training with in San Francisco last summer, who lives in Denver. We will both be assisting our teacher Janet Stone at a yoga festival in Boulder in June, and I was asking for her help with something. I'd never messaged her before, and other than being included on a group text inviting us to assist Janet about a month back, I've not been in contact with her at all, other than the occasional "like" on Facebook.

A few hours later I got this photo via text from my girlfriend Carlee who was vacationing in Aspen.

Carlee & Casey

"Holy shit! That is fantastic!!!!" was my reply to her text.

I mean, what the? how the? what are the odds? Carlee lives in Santa Monica and was in Aspen for a week, Casey lives in Denver but happened to be up there that weekend too. So there's that, but, that they were together in Aspen, for whatever reason, and somehow realized that they both knew me, from totally different parts of my life, and then snapped a photo and sent it to me? Well that is just pure delight.

That ol' Cosmic Waitress was serving up some very tasty morsels last week, and the fact is that she usually is, if you simply take the time to tune in.


Pat said...

I think your waitress has recruited a couple of buddies for now. They are overly fun!
Love, Mom

jacquie said...

Way cool, Beth! And OMG you're assisting Janet this summer? That is so exciting and impressive and amazing. Look at you, making all your dreams come true. I think the cosmic waitress has a crush on you. Maybe it's a cosmic waitOR, year of the man!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is just so deeply awesome. I *love* stuff like that. And I really need to start my own weirdness journal because weird stuff happens all the time, and I just love it. Oh, wait. I already said that.

You are clearly the cosmic waitron's favorite customer. Ever.



Wait, sorry. I mean Ellie