Thursday, July 7, 2016

beach house

I received the best ever text last Friday which contained the following words: "beach house is empty for the weekend and I have the keys!"

Ahhhh, beach house. Isn't it everyone's dream to have a beach house? I mean really, what's better than the beach?

A beach house.

There are only two requirements for having a beach house.

The first is obviously most important: beach. 

The second is really superfluous, especially for a day party. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a beach house of my very own in which to spend every moment of my livelong life. But in terms of a long Sunday BBQ at the beach house, the only thing one really requires is a working toilet. Ammmiright? The rest is gravy. Electricity? We had coolers.

Furniture? pshaw.

We did actually have furniture, and it was strategically placed in the exact best spot of the beach house's best room

Beach House. 

It was a great day with great friends, a beautiful day with beautiful people. Here, let Uncle Merv show you:

We could see the downtown skyline to the north
and the gorgeous  pacific immediately west

and 360 degrees of friends and food and booze and chairs. 
Mexico was right there, the back of thehouse overlooked the Tijuana Estuary with a clear view of the Tj bullring. I didn't take photos back there this time, but I knew I had done so when we'd been there before.

 As the light changed and our lovefest reached a happy crescendo, we employed the furniture for some good old fashioed gender segregated group photos

then the sunset

then the skateboarding bulldog, obviously

then back to reality. boo.

If you have the keys to the beach house, I hope you'll always text me.


Beth said...

I will certainly text you!

Love this post. I saw a photo or two on Facebook, but this is so much better and more complete and full of shiny happy people and quite the amazing sunset.

IB is pretty cool if you ask me. Glad you had such a perfect day down there!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I was so curious about those plush couches out on that deck, and now it all becomes so clear to me. That looks beyond awesomely fabulous. A beach house! The Pacific! That ridiculous sunset! And indoor plumbing! And so many happy friends and food and booze and chairs.

If you get that text, will you text me??


mom said...

What an awesome day Jacq, gorgeous place, gorgeous peeps, love it...