Friday, July 1, 2016

on this day

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm really just a big fat sloppy mess of feelings. I love looking back at old blog posts, remembering how wee everyone was and the different kinds of stories and sagas we lived through at various times of life. Usually I  only go looking when I'm nostalgic about a particular memory or I'm desperate for an idea. For the former, I am limited to the maddening search function that only helps if I can remember the actual title of whatever post I'm trying to recall. But in the latter case, I tend to start by looking up the current date in a previous year, and see what I find.

This kind of date specific search down memory lane is no longer an original idea, however, because Facebook Cares About Me and the Memories I Share. I'd be chagrined if I wasn't so smitten with the On This Day notifications I receive most mornings.

I'd actually not been loving them for a while, because they were reminding me of times I don't necessarily want to forget, but are still pretty painful to relive. In the last few weeks, however, we've gotten back to the carefree days of memorializing the dorkfest that is my life! Yay. Yesterday's were gold. Indulge me about the last day of June?

Sigh. Those were the days.

This one cracked me up, from 2013. Thank God some things never change.

And then there's last year! That was a very good day to be tagged by my lovely Beth and Co at Dead & Co

But this one clinched it:

This day in 2009 was pretty epic. The drinks, yes.. .but the blog post? Slay me. 

Light the corners of my mind, would ya?

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

"Her brother and I were instructed not to move or speak. There would be no cheering, no running alongside, no catching her if she fell. We were to reveal no evidence of our existence."

Oh, how I love this. And I, too, am so happy that Facebook is thoughtful enough to care about the memories we share, because mine have been awesome lately, too. Facebook is just so caring and thoughtful. And noice.

Jeez, Jacquie. June 30 is kind of a huge day in your life; I never knew. I'll have to send you a card to mark it when I send My Girl Nancy her bday card, every year.

Love ever so deeply.
Happy July!