Monday, July 18, 2016

Moon in a Cave

We've had a string of sultry summer days around these parts . . .

. . . just the way we like it.

Having a beach two miles down the road makes everything happy, joyous and delightful. And quite picturesque.

I wanted to take one of those cool panorama shots of the beach but succeeded in getting just a little bit of the beach, and a whole lot of the bar.

Wait, there we go. "Beach and Boardwalk."

Last night Mistah tried to take photos of that waxing gibbous, almost-full moon . . .

. . . which can be a tricky business.

Thankfully, though, he's the Master of Wacky Settings. So a result, instead of looking up at the moon in the sky through the trees . . .

. . . he made it seem like we were looking down at it through a hole in the ground.

Moon in a Cave.


jacquie said...

Groovy and trippy and cool, man! can't wait to insert myself into these places.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I think your beach and boardwalk shot wins, Ellie! Bravo:)

Sultry summer days are the best!!


mom said...

I love his creative photos, yours are pretty awesome too, Ellie..
love, mom