Friday, September 16, 2016

little boxes

I'm a sucker for good presentation, and my friends at Kaaboo did not disappoint with their packing of of this year's wristband/ticket:

It's time for the 2016 festival! I'm really looking forward to being outside for 3 beautiful days, away from my office and my people and the old and new stresses of this odd life of mine.

I'm not going to try for epic photo documentation this year, that was an exercise in futility. This year is going to be a different kind of mission, a more solitary endeavor at a time when I'm both desperately craving yet concurrently dreading solitude. I'm just going to soak it in and drink it up and see where the wind takes me!

Happy Kaaboo to all of you, and gesundheit.


MB said...

Have so much fun! Jealous. Happy Kaaboo!! xo

Beth said...

Just registered my wristband (not a fan), but the box IS pretty impressive! And I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store of us in the little goodie bags they hand out at the festival entrance.

Fair warning - I will be butting in on your solitary endeavor at various points:) Amazing how much can change in a year, right?

Love you, and kaaboo!

Jesus! (Pronounced Heyzeus, not Geezus)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well have a wonderful time, eddiebuddies. Wear that wristband with pride. And make sure your outfit matches it.

And I always think "drink it up" is good advice.

Love you! Happy Kaaboo!!