Friday, September 30, 2016

house of TJ

Okay, so I've told you about these

and I really think I've written a post about all of the things I love and cherish at Trader Joe's, but holy shit, you guys.. look at THIS

You're kidding me, right?
Oh, my heavenly stars was this ever exciting. I was only hours into re-entry after an amazing vacation week in Hawaii, looking for quick fixes to the indulgent dining that both my kids (here) and I (there) had been snarfing all week, and lo. SOUP DUMPLINGS. 

Seriously. My heart. 

But was there any chance in hell that it could come anywhere even remotely close to the real deal? Let's find out. 

but first, wine. 
I decided to go for the full effect and try my hand at those garlicky, perfectly salty string beans. Go ahead and take another peek at the first photo. Yum.

smells like gahlick in heeeya
 Then I got the dumplings ready for steaming

Could they be any cuter?

into the steam bath, my little babies

into the olive oil bath, my little gahlick babies
and my little greenie beanie babies
it occurs to me that everything in this meal - everything in my life - is from Trader Joe's
I'd also like to note for the record that I don't enjoy nor do I understand the little holes in the lid of a pan with which I'm meant to be steaming. 

oh look, Trader Joe's!
At some point I consulted the acutely, adorably awesome cooking instructions

So we did.

And they were.....


Not great, not the same, not soupy enough.

But really good.

Mad respect to my boyfriend and soulmate, Trader Joe.


Anonymous said...

So glad you got your soup dumpling fix! I'm tempted to try them. Or I may just head to Chinatown... Welcome back! xo

Beth said...

Your boyfriend lives within walking distance now! Lucky you!!

I am dying to hear about Hawaii, not that dumplings aren't the bomb.


MB said...

Just saw that I didn't identify myself when I commented! I am Anonymous.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I was wondering who that was! Hi Mb!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

"It occurs to me that everything in this meal - everything in my life - is from Trader Joe's"

I love this, Jacquie. And I'm glad you didn't crowd your cute wittle babies.

Can you believe Anonymous can just get in a *subway* and have the Real Deal like, instantly?

But that's a pretty great substitute, for 3000 miles away.