Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Winners and losers

You may remember that my man and I like to go to boozy bingo on Tuesday nights at the local pub,  if we happen to be free and easy, which isn't very often lately.

BUT, we were free and easy last night, which was a Tuesday, so, why not?

And why not see if my newest and funnest neighbor, and lovely co-blogger, Jacquie, wanted to join us? She did express an interest, and this place is now her local too!

So we went. We missed the first two games, but that's okay. We pretty much dominated the rest of the night.

Well me and Aquilino did anyway.

He won almost straight away. And the crown was again his!

If that photo doesn't say YAY! I don't know what does.

Tools of the trade -- the lucky brown and black markers.

Oh my! Aquilino wins again! Back to back wins, baby. And the all important drink ticket prizes to prove it.   

And then, guess what? I ended up winning twice too.
It's good to be a winner!

But we like losers too!
 No need to feel shitty about losing, Jacquie. You'll be wearing that crown soon enough, I'm sure!


jacquie said...

That was so much fun, despite my relentless losing! So glad my anti-mojo didn't rub off on you winnahs!

Love you guys


Janet Johnson said...

Please take post pic of jealous onlookers next time!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That poo poo hat is the best thing *ever*. It's almost worth losing to get a chance to don that baby.


Keep on winning, winnah.


Pat said...

What fun!
Love, Mom