Monday, June 26, 2017

The Best Day of the Year

My Girl Nancy called me on Saturday morning and told me her friend had just informed her, "Tomorrow is going to be The Best Day of the Year."

"The Best Day of the Year," I asked?

"The Best Day of the Year,"  Nancy replied. "Do you want to -- "

"Yes Please."

And so we did.

We were too busy at our beautiful and beloved Ocean Beach being merry and swimming and sunning and eating gigantic grinders and reading and reapplying massive amounts of sunscreen to think about taking photos, but we had fun afterwards. Oh boy did we ever. We had ourselves a Time.

The outtakes are sometimes even better than the final product . . .

I mean, right??

And here's the thing.

Once you're told that the day is going to be The Best Day of the Year?

Then, somehow . . .

. . . through luck or magic or kismet or just the great and glorious privilege of hanging with some of our favorite people in the world . . .

. . .  it happily, joyfully, entirely and utterly ends up being just that.


Beth said...

Love this post! You can feel you all's joy!! It does indeed look like the best day of the year.

And, wow, how did you end up with such color-coordinated outfits? Oh yeah, kismet.


Jacquie said...

It really is just the best. How could one not smile while viewing all those smiles? Lovely.