Monday, June 5, 2017

Miles for Meemer

We had the unique and inspiring privilege on Saturday morning to be part of the send-off for two lovely, earnest, ambitious, adorable and loyal siblings who are bicycling across-the-country in honor of their Mom, who died unbearably young, and to raise money for her hospice, Hope Hospice and Palliative Care.

Sounds heavy, I know. It wasn't. It was inspiring. And beautiful. And lovely.

Ann and Jonny dipped their rear wheels in the Atlantic Ocean at Misquamicut on Saturday morning, and hope to dip their front wheels in the Pacific Ocean a few months from now.

The eastern edge of the continent

After Jonny pushed his bike up off the beach someone said, "Where's Ann? Shouldn't she be pushing her bike up the sand?"

I said, "Ann has people."

Plus she was busy.

Before the push-off, Jonny and Annie each spoke briefly about their lovely Meem, and about how thankful they were to have everyone there with them that morning, and about how they were going to carry our good thoughts and support and love with them during their long journey West . . .

. . . it was moving and lovely and heartfelt and perfect.

Thankfully I'm stoic and never cry.

And then it was time to hop on our bikes to help escort them out of town.

Here's what we rode . . . 

. . . in my dreams.

It was utterly awesome to be a part of that pack . . .

. . . the last time I had that much fun on a bike was the Asheville bicycle pub crawl the day after Julie and JK's wedding.

This time, though, we didn't stop at any pubs.

Annie and Jonny have a long journey ahead of them, but they have great spirit, and great hearts, and great strength, and great support like Long Tall Kevin here, and also their bicycling buddies who race ahead and stop traffic magically along the way.

Team Wish

My favorite part was biking through beautiful Westerly . . . 

. . . that Mistah is kind of an awesome bicycling videogrophist, isn't he? My favorite part is when he rides up on the sidewalk.

We hit Mystic Cycle Center 12 miles later, where it was time for us to say so long to our lovely, intrepid friends.

hair by Jennie

"We're going to miss you guys!"

"Happy Trails!"

We saw the Wishes off to points west and Oregon, and we headed back east to Rhode Island.

And after a ride like that? There is only one thing to do.

Have luncheon . . .

. . . and Narrys . . .

 . . . at The Andrea.

 . . . where all the clouds all the day were magnificent.

The Pleasant View Inn, where Mistah and I spent my memorable 50th, was never out of sight.

 There was Fun With Photography . . .

 . . . and there was photo-bombing . . .

 . . . but mostly we talked about the Wishes and their epic journey and wished those crazy kids all kinds of good luck on their 3000 mile bike ride, while we were enjoying a gorgeous respite after our modest 25-miler.

So. Then. Now what? What do you do after all that?

Well, you drive over the Gold Star Bridge back to New London . . .

Oh those clouds . . .

... and head straight to Ocean Beach for more clouds and more love ...

 . . . and then you go to Captain Scott's for even more clouds and more love and more food and more friends and music and camaraderie and dancing and revelry and beauty . . .

 . . . oh the beauty . . .

. . . and then you watch the sun go down on Day One, and think about your Wish friends camping out there at Rocky Neck, and wish them all the best luck and love and safety and health on their epic journey west.


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Jacquie said...

What a great day! First things first, your hair looks amazing. And that lobster roll?! I die. Love all of the things and love all of the peeps and love all of the good causes and love you. Especially your hair.