Thursday, January 18, 2018

napping with strangers

I’ve been on a movie viewing tear lately. I love everything about going to the movies. I don’t care who I go with. I almost prefer going by myself, a much loved practice that began back in the days of needy babies and toddlers whose dad tended, during football season, to park himself on a soft surface for timespans that boggled the mind. It was a wise move to remove myself from that scenario, and the kids were no worse for the wear after being abandoned intermittently for perfectly acceptable spans of time.

Movie going in this new and improved life of mine is hit or miss. I am lucky enough to be on the invite list for a local promo company and receive regular invitations to free screenings of pre-releases. I have a small crew of friends who like to join me for these, and they know that I am ruthless with the axe if they no-show on me. I would be pained to lose my place of prominence with the promo peeps! This past year I freebeed to:
Allied  (forgot I saw it and started it on demand just the other night. Watched Battle of the Sexes Instead, which was good but slow to the point of almost boring)
Before I Fall, (creepy unsettling lesson about how to not be a dick to your friends)
Everything Everything (meh, girl in the plastic bubble)
Home Again (liked!)
Wonder, (Julia Roberts, barf)
Bad Moms Christmas (the first one was funny/awful. this one was just awful)

I think that's it. No real stand outs, even though I have notoriously low standards for being entertained, but I liked Home Again.

The kids and I sometimes look for something that all 3 of us will enjoy, but that’s a rare and elusive outcome. We are considering Jumanji though, because the trailer cracks me right up. Oooh don't you love trailers? I'm going to link all of them.  My girl is always down for a movie, and gets mad when I go without her. So don’t tell her that I saw all of these, okay?

Gorgeous, beautiful, simple, complex, lovely, lovely, lovely.

Oh my God. You should see Clara making fun of the way I cried through this one. I was/am wrecked.

So good – fast and smart and interesting.

Holy shitballs, this movie. Just go see it.  Inspired a viewing of Fargo the following night. #TeamFrances 

Last night the kids were with their dad. I met a friend for drinks after work then when I got home I decided to check the $10 offerings at the fancy theater right down the block. There was one seat left for the 7:30 showing of The Post, so I nabbed it and ran down there. I got nice and cozy in the leather recliner, sipped the beer I'd slipped into my purse, and promptly fell asleep. I'm pretty sure I snuggled up on the stranger next to me, and positive that I snored. Sigh. So that's still on my 'to see' list. 

I really need to see I, Tonya and The Greatest Showman. And every other movie in the world. Who's in?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am firmly in. On this coast. In the Garde Arts Center. Where the Winter Movie Fest *finally* starts on February 1.

Here's what's on the docket *so far*:

The Big Sick
Dunkirk (aka Colleen's movie)
Lady Bird
Get Out
The Florida Project
The Disaster Artist
Three Billboards (aka Julie's movie)
Call Me By Your Name
The Shape of Water


I am so excited I could explode.

Wish we could go to movies together, schnookums -- you can snuggle up on me any time.


Jacquie said...

OMG I forgot The Shape of Water! I'm going to go see that this weekend. Get Out is on netflix but I'm scared of it because I only ever look for movies on netflix when I'm home alone.

Thanks for snuggles, sister.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Did you ever see Laurel Canyon? Or Primal Fear? Two of my favorite #TeamFrances performances. I lurve her.

(I'm ascared of Get Out, too.)


mom said...

I am so not a movie goer, altho I do love movies...maybe I should move to San Diego and we could sleep through movies together....I do love the reviews you and Ellie and Jane send...I'll see them for free at the Pequot Library after the Oscars, you....