Monday, January 22, 2018

Doors Open

Over the last few years, we seem to come across a day in January that is a gift from the gods.

Yesterday was that day.

We've had some numbingly cold days around these parts this winter. But yesterday? I was sweeping our godforsaken kitchen floor, opened the deck door to give myself room, had an epiphany, opened *both* doors, and mopped the gd thing.

I know, I know. Mopping is for boys. That's what my mom always taught us, at least.  And it is a lesson well-learned. But I was home, and in the moment, and I jumped on the opportunity, and I didit.

And then? The doors stayed open.

And also then? Bloodys were drunk.

And also then? We were out on the fool deck until the sun sank.

Photos? Not too many. But a moment in time during this long January stretch of winter?


I mean, this was last week . . .

 . . . last week!

 And I know yesterday isn't indicative of how it is going to be from now on . . .

. . . but we have hope. Hey, we have a new moon! And we have a purple sky.

And winter is practically half over.


mom said...

It was an awesome day yesterday....I didn't sit outside, but I did love the Patriots win!
lovely post you...

Jacquie said...

congratulations on that glorious day! I love the purple sky deeply, but I love you more.