Monday, January 8, 2018

The Year in Review

When I was a kid -- 13 or so -- I remarked to my Dad how quickly the summer went by.

"Wait 'til you turn 40," he replied.

And now that I'm firmly in my early-to-mid-50s? Yeesh, man.

Anyway. 2017! Let's have a look-see . . .


January was when we thanked everybody. What a show of love and support and strength and determination and incredible fortitude and intrepidity. I just wish that cheeto would go away already.


February was when the dream-boy and his dream-Mom visited us, and we still miss them like crazy, every single day. Plus they miraculously missed the insane snow.


In March we reminisced about our Field Trip to Boston. Sigh. St. Patrick's Day happened, too. I think the reason we go so nuts about it around these parts is because winter is so dang long and it is a light -- a weak, green-tinted light, but a light nonetheless -- at the end of the proverbial tunnel.


April brought us rocks. The best rocks in all the land. And they have changed our lives. Yes, flowers bloomed -- which seems impossible at this point in the winter -- but, man, those rocks.


Also May

Okay, I'm cheating -- I've got two May Highlights. But apparently I am focusing on peeps this year instead of nature -- unlike other years -- and just look at the peoples May brought to us! Beth to Boston! And Mom's book club to New London! I mean, come on!


June brought us Miles for Meemer, one of the best, most heartfelt days of the year. And also one of the funnest days on our bikes . . .

. . . but wait, did someone say BEST DAY OF THE YEAR??

Also June

Yes. Yes, they did.


In July we turned two. Princess Millie! In July we also focused on flowers and the beach and a lookback at the parentals.

Man, July. July seems one million miles away. I miss July.


In August the Brits came to visit, and did we ever have ourselves a Time. I'm starting to feel slightly resentful of all this summertime fun. When is it going to be summertime again?


September? Well, September is all about Me. Moi. The Birthday Girl. Me Myself and I. And possibly the best photo ever taken of me.


As if Angela and Dave's glorious, delightful wedding wasn't a big enough highlight of a glorious, delightful month . . .

Also October

. . . Mistah and I celebrated our Silver. And yes, we do rock.


In November, the Johnsons, from Newbrey came to visit . . .


. . . and in December, we sent our dear old Auntie Lillian off in dramatic, moving, lovely and perfect style. And got to share a beautiful house on a bay-not-a-lake with my Mom and all my sisters. That doesn't happen very often . . .

 Rest in Peace, Aunt Lill.

Happy 2018, everybody. Let's get out there and do this thing.


unmitigated me said...

Ellie, that September photo of you is a stunner! Happy New Year to you!

Jacquie said...

What a year! You'd never know the shitstorm by looking at those gorgeous, smiling faces. Love this El, gotta get busy with mine!

Beth said...

Love this flashback. What a year you had E! And hell yes to the "Yeesh, man." They be flying by!


Kristin said...

Happy New Year my friend, make many memories!!! ❤ U