Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I ♥ Saturday Night

Jacquie may have cute little green witches, and poor tormented tortured guys and Cans-O-Beans in San Diego, but around these parts, Halloween brings the likes of these guys:

They were nice boys, actually, even though I think they were all about 22. And they were very excited about our Now 'n' Laters.

And we got our fair share of the cute young crowd, too.

We had a raging campfire and gave out treats to the kids who made the long walk down our street. Since it looks like we forgot to turn any lights on in our houses, it's no surprise the brave souls who made the long walk were few.

Which means we got the lefties.

And it meant we could carry on in our usual way. We moved inside when it started raining and Tommy and I cut up a mean kitchen dance floor. I wish I had audio of this, because I don't remember what the number was. We were good, though.
Does it seem like all my posts are about drinking and dancing? Well they're not. Sometimes they're about donuts.

We kept an eye on the World Series game by computer and radio, because we are just that high-tech.

When it stopped raining we headed back out, but all our neighbors had gone in. And it was only 1:30! And we gained an hour! Silly neighbors.

Note to self: get out the tripod, put the camera on it, set the self-timer, and get Mistah Schleckah in an occasional photo. Poor Mistah Schleckah. Always the photographer, never photographed.

Tommy and Dawnie look good in front of the Westy, don't they? I think they need one.

Another Saturday night, another raging good time.
It's fun around these parts.


Middle Aged Woman said...

At least your old kids had costumes. Here, they just walk around with pillowcases. I want to put up a sign that says, No Costume, No candy.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Are you sure that was Schlekah taking those blurry photos? Schlekah loaded. I know I'm a crotchety old lady and all, but I could not believe the slut factor in so many 6-10 year old girl costumes. What the hell are people trying to teach their girls???? I say paint 'em green and cover them in a black polyester sack for as long as humanly possible.

Fun post, El!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Thanks, Jacquie. We didn't have slut-like girls around here, not that I remember. Cute factor was high. And Schleckah *was* loaded, but he is also, in his words, "the worst nighttime photographer in the history of the universe."

And M-A-W? I do NOT give out candy to non-costumed kids. No costume, no candy. Okay, I made one exception. I asked a kid "What are you?" and he said "A gangster." Gave him a butterfingers for the balls factor.


Imperatrix said...

I am guessing from the picture of the little girl with the wig that it was warm in CT on Halloween (sleeveless!). That makes outdoor bonfires all the more fun -- when you don't have to worry about a wet butt. :-)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Silly neighbors, indeed. Why weren't they out there using their extra hour??

Gangsters be damned.


still eating candy in Central PA said...

fun post!
Jacquie..the slut factor for 6-10 yr olds is harder to pull off when the temps are below 50. (turtlenecks and jackets required) so I guess that must be a more common problem in sunny San Diego :)

Jane said...

Silly neighbors!

Campers' Moon's remind us of you. Pretty waning tonight. Love the season of candy corn. xoxo

Captain Dumbass said...

Wait, what's a Now & Later?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Captain Dumbass, my poor little Canadian friend. Now 'n' Laters are hideous candy-as-opposed-to-chocolate treats, which the non-chocolate lovers, um, love. They'll pull your teeth right out of your fool head.


Anonymous said...

Are Now 'n' Laters like those icky Halloween kisses candy things?

Hsin-Yi said...

Did the Jabbawockeez (white masks and gloves) dance for you guys? Make them earn their treats =)

I've got tons of lefties too - we should trade. I gave candy out to anyone who would take it (costume or no) and I still have a shopping bag full...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Jabbawockeez, huh? Never hoid of 'em. They asked us for beers. We said no.

And no thank you. I do not want to trade. I do not want any more candy. A shoppping bag full? Aye-yah-yie.


Lola said...

No costume, no candy is right! Sounds like another great time. I can NEVER understand the people who don't take advantage of that extra hour to party.

What's wrong with them? I've been doing that since I was a wee baby nightowl ;)