Thursday, November 11, 2010

Faces and places

On my way into work this morning, I was thinking about how cool it was that today's date was 11/11/11. And Veterans day to boot. But, as it turns out, it's only 11/11/10, so there is no where to go with that line of thought.

But then the DJ caught my interest with today's "impossible question." I actually hate talk radio (other than NPR). I just do not enjoy those goofy "morning shows" that most radio stations broadcast. But the guy on KPRI is solo, not part of some asinine team, and he doesn't talk too much, so I often end up on that station on my drive into work.

Today's "impossible question" was, "What US city has the least attractive people?" I thought for sure it was Cleveland, Ohio, and I may well have been right, but it turns out Cleveland was not included in this very scientific Travel and Leisure survey.

But let's skip ahead to the good news first. None other than Charleston, South Carolina has the most attractive peeps in the nation. Who knew?! Now I want to go there more than ever. (Yeah, well so what if I'm shallow?).

Second on the list? San Diego. That's right. Not LA, or Miami, or NYC, but San Diego. Savannah was number 3, followed by Miami at 4, and Salt Lake City at 5 (Hi Libby!).

And the least attractive? Well that was a surprise for me too: Memphis, Tennessee. But they did rank number 1 for their BBQ, so that's something. And number 2 on this list? Baltimore, Maryland. Yep. My former home town. (Poor Baltimore, its highest score in any category was 18.)

Now I don't claim to be the smartest cookie in town. But you gotta give it to a girl who leaves the city with the second least attractive people in the nation, for the city with the second most attractive people in the nation. Especially when that city ranks number 1 for weather as well.

Extra especially when she lives in the very community that they chose to highlight with the one San Diego photograph they included.

Hey, that's even the restaurant where Tommy took my mom the first time he met her!
Yep. I heart San Diego.


not quite pretty or ugly in PA said...

impressive indeed...what does that say about me that I moved from the 2nd ugliest to the 2nd prettiest and then moved back to ugly?!?

let me say that I finally got to visit Charleston this summer and the attractiveness of the people was not memorable. The cool shops and sites, yes, but pretty people? Not so much. It helps that there is a college of pretty people there as well as a college of pretty military people..they must have been out and about when the judges visited. San Diego has pretty people, stunning sites and no hurricane season, so it wins hands down for me :)

And aren't you, your SD co-blogger and the girls you gave birth to, SO pretty indeed!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love this Beth! You and Jacquie *are* smart! And attractive too! You're the second most attractive people I know! (Both of you; you're tied.)

Your children, collectively, are third (sorry; I'm biased).

And I agree with Central PA. Charleston is one of the prettiest towns I've ever been to, and the peeps? Well, sure, they're lovely. But lovelier than the peeps in San Diego or Asheville or New York or Fairfield CT? (the moms in the grocery store there at least -- I was there last week and though I'd time-traveled to San Diego). I dunno. T&L may have to revisit that one....

Nice one, Beth!


Pat said...

Well, the ugly population of San Diego just went up by 4500--those peeps from that Carnival cruise ship have got to be UUUGGGLY1

Luckly for you, they are headed for Memphis, Cleveland, Toledo, Pittsburg etc, etc.

Logical Libby said...

I am pretty hot. And I kept writing 11-11-11 all day too..