Friday, November 26, 2010

Nailed it.

We did it. We hosted our first-ever Thanksgiving, and it was a smashing, unqualified, fabuloso success.

Words? We don't need no stinkin' words. Let's let the photos do the talking, shall we?

Thanks for a fabulous day Mom and Mumsie and Kelly and MB and MD and Ann and Julie and Erin and Joseph.

We'll see you next near!


Dawnie said...

And by 10:30pm she had already cleaned the turkey carcass in preparation for turkey soup! Yeah, they nailed it!

MB said...

They nailed it, indeed! Thanks for the fun & delicious feast, Ellie & Bill! What a fabulous Thanksgiving. And Dawnie, you were a great evening guest!

Quito Girl said...

This makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Missed you guys yesterday.

MB said...

We missed you too, Col, SO much. It was greating hearing your voice on Erin's speaker phone! Love you, Quito Girl.
xoxo Aunt MB

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Looks like a very fun, very festive feast! First ever? Hard to believe =)

Two classic photos of Julie. And just when I thought that everyone was dressed in grays and blacks and other various muted colors, I spot mom C in pink. Nice show!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, look at all my beautiful peoples! Y'all got hit hard with the pretty stick. And that food? Looks beyond scrumptious. Miss you all desperately. Desperately!



Julie said...

the turkey leg in the face is a traditional thanksgiving shot of mine, beth. i wish i had that leg now. should have stuffed it in my purse. that was some damn good turkey.

my favorite shot is the erin goofball. she assumed the position beautifully.

we missed you, Col. and we missed dad so so much. Mom was great, and Ellie and Bill were the most gracious of hosts. I loved the pre-dinner cook jam at the awesome Vulcan Range. I have a huge crush on that range.

oh and Ann was great, she's a completely diminished version of herself now; a wee thing. Great to see you, Annie.

Mark and MB? well, Mark REALLY liked that hat on Mar. Oh my. They were a laugh-riot.

Good to see you, Dawnie. That late-night stint was wicked fun.

Miss you all. It was really a great visit. Really really great.