Tuesday, November 30, 2010

maiden voyage

I apologize in advance for this post, which promises to be no better than being forced to endure your Uncle Merv's vacation slides. Sadly, I am not not even likely to share Uncle Merv's characteristic wit and humor, because along with the bountiful family memories, stories of adventure, and copious amounts of laundry that I brought home from our weekend trip to the mountains, I also picked up a nasty head cold that has sucked away all evidence of intelligence that I might once have possessed. And by the way, why is it called a head cold? Where else would I have a cold, in my arse? Also, the Westy ate my glasses.   

Much like the pilgrims, except for that whole bit about after-supper murderizing, we embarked upon a voyage on the third weekend in November, giving thanks and celebrating with a feast. It was our maiden Westy voyage!

Our Westy is a champ of a dreamboat creampuff. I'm not just sayin' that. She tore that mountain road a new one, on her very own terms. It's not like anyone was timing us. 

On the first day, we arrived mid afternoon just as the sun was leaving our pretty campsite at Rancho Cuyamaca State Park.

We cooked up our first Westy meal

mmmmmm, soup

beware the ubiquitous big butt - where big butt is a verb

The second day was Thanksgiving!

Traditional Thanksgiving breakfast of apple jacks and bacon.

Then we embarked upon the trail that started just steps from our Westy door and opened up into a stunningly gorgeous world

They don't call it Green Valley for nuthin'

 And then in the afternoon, our great friends arrived in their RV mansion on wheels, and I began my study of stupid sideways portrait photography.

 We had a great meal, they brought everything that needed an oven, and we handled stovetop duty in the Westy.

so called adults

forgot to capture the kids' table while they were still at it, but there it is.

Oh, dear.

On Friday morning, we explored the water side of our lovely little valley. We found the great spot we remembered from last time we camped at Green Valley, but it was teeming with revelers so we did little more than spectate.
what's more fun than watching drunks jump into a freezing mountain river pool?
We didn't stay long, but we made definite plans to return the next day. We had to get back anyway, we were going to Leave Camp that day!

drama queens

It was a minor production to close up shop and get the Westy drivable, and then we headed a little further north to the town of Julian

Please go here and have a chicken pie turnover. It's worth the wait and the 5 pounds you'll gain.
 We were early enough that the wait for a classic Julian lunch was manageable, and we had ourselves yet another meal for the ages amidst the down home country decor.

 After lunch we did a little browsing in the shops along Main Street

A better mom would have said yes to these $45 hats 
Then we turned back toward our happy spot just as the enclave of tourists seeking a healthy dose of quaint made their way up the mountain from San Diego.

We got back in time to catch the last bit of warmth from the sun, up in what we called the Sunny Meadow 
mancala in the meadow

Saturday was our last day, but we were in no hurry to vacate the premises so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while making a strong fashion statement

That fire gave me black lung. Note to self: in the future, sit NEAR it, not IN it.

And then we went back to the waterfall, pleased to find that it was almost exclusively ours alone to enjoy

Heart attack central

A little something to calm my nerves

Late that afternoon, we packed up our Creampuff, our Champ, our Westy for the Ages, and we made our way home.

On the day we left, Ellie's wish for us was that the thing we would forget be minor. I like that. And it was! In fact, I don't even know that it was a forgotten item, more of a note to bring everyone their own chapstick next time. We had everything we needed, and then some. It was a minor inconvenience to blow our newly installed mac-daddy second battery and invertor on the first cold morning, rendering our electric coffee maker obsolete. We made do, we had propane to boil water and heat the Westy, and plenty of the comforts of a practically perfect home on the road. 

And so it begins....


loves a Julian apple pie in PA said...

Oh what joy to see Julian in your post! I LOVE that sweet town of apples, and was sad when the fires came close to burning the whole place down a few years back.

Sorry about the miserable cold that hit you...maybe the karma from sticking up those freakishly tall middle fingers came back to bite you ;)

Feel better soon!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Now *that* is awesome. And totally un Uncle Merv-like.

You look gorgeous, sistah! And I love your kids with every imaginable layer of clothing bestowed upon their bodies and heads. Maybe next time you guys should go to the desert?

Just beautiful, and I'm so proud of you and your Westy camping brood.

Isn't it fun?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

And by the way? Your Thanksgiving looks awesome.


Mom C said...

Jacqcuie, that second picture of you looks like both MB and Julie! I love it all, looks like a fabulous adventure. Yay for the Cream puff.....Can't wait to see you all... love you mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Okay, how is it that your whole damn family looks fabulous in beanies?! Whether they be plain colored, Charger's or monkey beanies? Very impressive.

I could not help but notice the enticing green label behind your outstreached middle fingers. Thanks, Connor, for making me crave a Sierra Nevada at 12:29 pm. Sigh.

I must say, your maiden voyage looks like a smashing success. So glad you had company on Thanksgiving propah.

OH, and J, you look like a size 0 in that popping-the-cork photo, J. Bitch. (ha ha ha)

Nice post =)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love to see what everyone notices in such a random, photo-heavy post!

PA - you can see evidence still left from those fires in our hike photos, it devastated the whole area but the locals kept Julian protected. I resent the implication that I brought this cold on myself! Freakish fingers aside.

Ellie - please note that it is also freezing when the sun goes down in the desert. And YES. So fun.

Beth - that green bottle is Stella, perfectly acceptable for daytime drinking. And don't worry, after a week of said day drinking complimented by chicken pot pie, s'mores, embarrassing amounts of stuffing and the fact that I haven't been to the gym in a week, I couldn't squeeze into a 0 if my life depended on it.

Love you peeps!