Friday, November 19, 2010


Well happy birthday to my co-blogger, Jacquie!! She's finally 21, and very much looking forward to ordering her very first alcoholic beverage.

Okay, maybe she's older than 21, but not  by much, and as we all know, she is still totally awesome. She kicks ass in kick boxing, is mother extraordinaire, is excellent at her job, and can still party like it's 1999, or '89, or whatever decade you thinks rocks the most.

Sadly, I'm finding I'm just not the partier I used to be.

I went out last night with some friends, some mom friends -- women I met when our first babies were wee small. Now, I've had a few raucous nights with most of the group, and we can tie one on when called for, for sure, but when we meet once monthly we...we...well we just don't.

As we were standing around last night waiting for a table to be put together for our group of seven, I recognized someone at another table. I walked over to say hello and he introduced me to an out-of-town friend of his who said something like, "Wow, what's the occasion? Looks like you guys are going to have some fun and cause some trouble."

"Us?" I replied.

If he only knew. Last night's main topic of conversation? Front-loading washers and how lame they are, which, I admit, did at some points expand into other appliance talk. We talked washer brands, dissected the mold issue, and told washer repair stories. (I know!)

Even better than last night's washing machine conversation was last month's MNO topic of conversation: deodorants. I kid you not. We lamented the fact (or was it only me?) that there are no women's deodorants, they are all antiperspirants. What's up with that? It is good to sweat, people, just bad to smell.

One of the group had an inside scoop on aerosol deodorants. She knows someone who is involved in their manufacture in some way. Here's the dirt: they are primarily alcohol. Alcohol kills the bacteria, and the bacteria is what smells.

Really? Now that's a pearl of wisdom right there. I vowed to give it a try. And I am going to, someday soon. But until then, it's one more day of Old Spice in the morning.

I can hardly wait to see what I learn next month!


Pat said...

just wait (but don't rush) until you are 60+...I think I am in my second young adulthood! Lots of partying but we just start and end earlier.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, wait, there's a connection here, isn't there? Partying, drinking booze, alcohol that kills stinky bacteria?

There *is* a connection in there somewhere; I just don't have the brain strength to find it. Maybe *that* can be your next MNO mission.

Happy Birthday Jacquie!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I think you're on to something, Ellie... it's all about the healing powers of alcohol! And now that I'm 21, I can partake and keep healthy! Yay!



top loader in PA said...

thanks for the tip AND the laugh!

Now do I drink the alcohol or put it under my arm. If everyone else is drinking alcohol, then they might not even notice that I smell :)

Can't wait for next month's MNO wisdom.