Thursday, January 27, 2011

keep on with the force, don't stop

I really, really love my friends. I love Beth, and we had such a great time at the brewery the other night, laughing about the fact that we were both too lazy to photograph the ultimate blog fodder of walking inside to find all available barstools occupied by our offspring. And I love Des, whose baby-est girl ran in circles around that brew pub until the other patrons didn't know whether to start making big-eyed babies or join the convent. And I love Autumn and  Mary, (holy cow, their guest posts were genius) and Missy, my rock star posse, with whom regularly executed theme evenings never cease to thrill and entertain. Just today I received an invitation to Missy's upcoming Poker party, which promises myriad laughs and adventure; but today I'm here to tell you about the  dance party that Mary hosted last weekend, where a big time was had by all.

Ever since Santa brought a wii to her happy home, Mary has been engaged in a fierce battle to become supreme ruler of the Just Dance revolution. Apparently, her son held the title, and was a force to be reckoned with.

But last weekend Mary's boys went out of town, and all da single ladies came out to play.

To play Wii Dance, specifically.

At Mary's we always re purpose the breakfast bar to become an hors d'oeuvre bar  for the ages.
I mixed my sister Jane's newly shared recipe for our cocktail of choice: the Hop, Skip, and Go Naked!

And we were off.

Mary had moved apart the furniture, hung glittering stars, and secured no fewer than four remotes for our dance par-tay .

The little girls were ready to go first, after Mary set them up for certain success:

but those little girls very quickly discovered that the grown ups were willing to fight hard (and dirty) for equal time on the dance floor

So we took turns

and continued to intermingle the generations

So here's the thing - you choose a song and then depending on the program (hint: Choose MJ! Choose show tunes! Choose girl groups!) you sometimes get to choose from an array of representative cyber dancers. Other times, there's no choosing - when it's Hammertime, you get MC Hammer.

wait... what????

Nevermind the total-lack-of-pigmentation Hammer, it was finally time to hand over the camera and take up the remote! Unfortunately (for you), the recipient of my camera hand off was none other than my wild girl. Who, unfortunately (for me), delights in the unflattering.

Thank you, baby!
Screw her, though. I was on FIRE.

What's that you say? I'm going right while everyone else goes left?

Who had the high score, beeeeyaches????

At some point, the props came out.

looked how confused we are!

Look how chagrined we are! Check Autumn, in her sky blue lei and gangsta attitude

But then suddenly , Yaaaaaay!

'cause this is THRIIIIILLER
The show tunes were righteous, but MJ stole the night

Don't stop 'til you get enough

Who could ever get enough?

I really, really love my friends.


two left feet in Central PA said...

Who was dancing when the score show 2 people in the hundreds losing to 2 people in the thousands??

I can barely chew gum and walk which, I think, is directly related to why I suck at Dance Revolution!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I dont' have a tv, and I don't have wii, but I know I would totally rock Dance Revolution. So may I please borrow it? And your friends? And your children?

But not the yellow one with the sad 612 score -- she can stay home. No wait! She can make more pitchers of H,S&GNs! (Aren't they delish?)

Fun one, sistah!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You do have cool friends, lady! (Who love you right back, of course.)

The dance party looks excellent, and these fun photos are moving me ever closer to going out to buy Just Dance,, because I do have a TV, and after Santa's recent visit, a wii as well. Plus, it is imparitive I practice before Ellie gets out here and rocks it.

I really do think this post is screaming out for video though, lol.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I was thinking the same thing, Beth.