Saturday, January 1, 2011

weekend photo project: ring it in

Some helpful tips for the kicking off of a happy new year, with love and kisses from Me, You, and Ellie:

Set the stage with pretty booze and flowers, preferably while the sun is still shining brightly on the old year. This will probably make it hard to wait for your party time to start imbibing, but it will also heighten your anticipation and add a general sense of giddy to the festivities. Giddy is exactly how you should feel on New Year's Eve.

It is always wise to invite at least one professional bartender to your party. Bartenders are often cute and clever, and might mix up a concoction that you hadn't thought of yourself.
Maybe even something from years past..... absinthe?

Be careful, though: Absinthe can make you blind.

1 comment:

Springer Kneeblood said...

I don't see absinthe making me blind. But I can see you know how to have a NYE party!