Monday, January 16, 2012

Hawaii Hodegepodge

You've gotta love a long weekend in January. There's only so much of the indignity of work after whatever loveliness the holidays have offered each of us. This year was admittedly extra lovely for me and mine, and the return to our co-called real life has brought a relentless barrage of illness, mess, and disrepair.

I miss Hawaii, and I'm sick and pale beneath what lingers of my tan, so let's get our Uncle Merv on and take a look at some of my vacation photos!

Shall we?

Lahaina harbor
To celebrate mom's second night on Maui, we splurged on a beautiful luau. It was a gorgeous night and the scene was so idyllic, it was impossible not to pose for endless photos.

I could do a whole post on the ways I ruined otherwise perfect photos. It's a gift.

The kids haggled for hand carved weaponry of some sort

The show was beautiful, and the occasional rain made it feel all the more tropical. Of course we had beach towels in the car, so we stayed warm and dry. 

White boy with wahine

Brownish girl with kane
Some of my favorite moments on the trip were completely random, yet utterly unforgettable. On Christmas Eve, my girl and I walked down the beach for a gander at the neighborhood. Suddenly, the sky opened up, and we were close to a resort that was two hotels down from our condo, so we ducked inside.

It was such a completely awesome find, this bar! I tried to call my boy, my man, and my mom but no one picked up their cell phones. So I did the next best thing and called Ellie!

Another great moment:

Christmas dinner!
I think my favorite beach day would have to be our day at Kapalua bay

There were so many beach days to enjoy, I loved them all. On one of our last days, we returned to Kaanapali and took advantage of the opportunity to dork out

There were trade winds most afternoons this trip, and they would whip up pretty fiercely in the afternoon. One day after lunch, Bill and I both dozed on the beach. We woke up looking like shake-n-bake cutlets

There was no shortage of great spots for afternoon power naps. Everyone needs a little rest after a long hard day at the beach, especially when happy hour started at 10:00am!

hammock=happy place

This is the view from the hammock. I had my eye on that slanted palm tree

And this is the view from that slanted palm tree, where I enjoyed more than one opportunity to ogle the sunset

The only sunset that didn't fill me with joy was this one, our last day. Their last swim.

Mahalo, Maui. Uncle Merv misses you.


Pat said...

Can't you remember the name of the bar?
Love, Pat

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Hi Pat! The bar where we sought shelter from the rain was at the Sands of Kahana. Christmas dinner was at Leilani's. Hammocks were at the marriot in kaanapali. Where are you staying on Maui? Can I come?



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, and the luau was Old Lahaina, it's the best one :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Okay, we may need to change the caption to: White boy with wahine with hand on his back! Wow ;-)

I love the photo with you and your girl on the hammock, not too many more years you two will fit like that!

All five of you look so tan and gorgeous and happy!!! Yay for Hawaii. Boo for January's reality!

xoxo, love you Uncle Merv,


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh you are all so *gorgeous*! I love these Jacquie --I love to study on each photo and check out every dete.

You look fabulous, yo. Awesome kadima shot. And I love mom in the water and your girl looking so grown up with her hair back and her earrings, and your white white son, and your cutlet husband. And you talking on the phone to me!

I can practically smell that sea air. Just love love love.

And how lucky you get to show Pat around Maui. Have fun!


Mom C said...

Love it Jacquie, especially since it's 20 degrees here today. You didn't mention how fast I got to the Sands bar once you reached me.... aloha, love. mom

Pat said...

Unfortunately we are staying in Kahului across the Island from where you were. One day is snorkeling on Molokoi and Lanai but two days are hiking in different state parks. I may play hooky one day and go across island. The only other time I was in Hawaii we went with three other couples on a golf week and stayed the entire time at Kapalua so I know that bay well but none of the rest of the island

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh Pat, you really shouldn't miss a sunset at black rock. I encourage you to play hooky!


Amy said...

Ahh! I went to that Luau nearly 20 years ago on our honeymoon :) Brings back memories, thanks.

Anonymous said...


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