Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye ol' girl

So after being dropped of by the CHP,
Hey, remember these guys?
my neighbor drove me to get my girl. Upon arrival at home, with girl in tow, I promptly opened up a bottle of red. (Remember, the nice CHP officer instructed me to do so.)

She also told me to take a hot bath, which I did immediately after reporting the accident to my insurance company, wine glass in hand. I had a glass or two more, and then called it a day, visions of mangled metal dancing in my head.

The next day was a whirlwind of AAA efficiency. Everything has happened incredibly fast, and people were and continue to be amazingly helpful. The moment of impact was 4:20 pm on Tuesday, and by that time on Wednesday, I had been picked up by Enterprise, then shortly after drove off in one of their safe minivans for just a few dollars a day out of pocket, AND got the call that they'd already made it out to the tow yard to assess my car. It was deemed 'a total loss.'

Yes, I had hoped for this. How depressing would have it have been to have thousands spent on fixing my already decade-plus old car? Quite. I have been wanting to get something new. And I was relieved and happy with the ballpark figure she quoted me.

But sheesh, I needed to get over to the tow yard and get all of my belongings out of the car. Now. They would be dragging the poor ol' girl out of there the next day.

I found the fenced off tow yard plastered with BEWARE OF DOGS signs in the corner of a giant parking lot -- the set up broken-down and menacing. I approached the walk-up window and let them know why I was there. They told me where I could find the car and opened up the giant rolling gate.

In a word? Emotional. I was really sad when I saw my bashed in car. It looked so pathetic sitting in the far left corner of the fenced in lot, all alone. With the sun going down.

Look at her poor light, still attached but just dragging on the ground. Aw.

I know what you're thinking, not that bad, right? It really isn't. I was really lucky.
So, there I was all melancholy and nostalgic, which made my job of getting any- and everything I wanted out of the wreck a little daunting and depressing and strange. I found everything from tiny American Girl spectacles, to jumper cables that have been 'missing' for years, to two additional yoga mats, to children's drawings.

The process took a good 15 minutes, during which time I managed to step in those damn DOGS' shit not one time, but twice. (Talk about  a shitty job!) I piled it all up in a box, a giant IKEA bag, and the car seat, and half dragged it all to the rolling gate.

I took one last look at my Jeep, my car since before I had kids. My car since 2001. That car had been with me through a LOT of changes: one baby, two baby, divorce, 5 places of residence, re-marriage, another baby.


It's a good time to move on. I know that. But still, my Jeep was familiar, and paid for, and mine. And, now, well, now I have to face the music and buy a new/used/leased car. Something I am thoroughly dreading.

Could I really be a minivan mom?


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the honda minivan? They are awesome and have the top safety pick!!! Plus they really hold their value.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You are so subtle, T.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

lol, you two. I can see the appeal of a mini van, but... barf.

That being said... you know you have to throw that car seat away, right?

So glad you and yours are okay, Beth. So freaking scary.



Pickles and Dimes said...

It is sad getting a new vehicle, isn't it? When J's truck was totaled last year, he was really bummed. (We couldn't find another Ford Ranger within our budget.) He settled for a Ford Escape and he really likes it.

not a fan of the minivan in PA said...

Just say, "NO" to T.
Life is too short to spend any time, other than some rental time, in a minivan. Plenty of other Hondas have the same safety record and they won't put you in the *demographic*
So glad the word pictures made me envision something far worse than what the pictures showed!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw Beth. I loved that ol' girl. You lent it to me over the years and she was nothing but awesome and nice and friendly and supportive and totally knew her way around town.

Plus? She was *your* girl.

Sigh. Hope her replacement is half as cool.