Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grammy's Drawers

Mom's here! Being the wise woman of the world that she is, mom laid a strategic strike upon the powers that threatened a freaking nor'easter upon her hurricane weary soul, and she changed her flight to come out a day early. Because she's awesome. Today was a beautiful day, there are few things in this world that feel better than the way I feel when my mom is hanging out with my kids, my family, me. She's aces. Everyone contributed to spiffing up this joint in preparation for Grammy's arrival, but my girl had a special duty. She was asked to transform her tiny bedroom into a grammy suite!

She did a great job

It's a crazy-small space, there's no room to be creative, but my girl added many homey touches

Her desk became a shrine to many of the things she knew her grammy would love

There was a place set aside for everything. And I'll just trust that everything is now in its place.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, how I love the Jidoo shrine! Your girl's awesome. And I spy that delightful photo of *our* Grammy -- our Mom will be so happy and comfy in that cozy space.

Is it me, or have single beds gotten smaller? I would roll right off that cot-like surface. Maybe your girl provided cushions on the floor for such a possibility? Or maybe Grammy is a more coordinated sleeper than I.

Have *such* a great time with our aces Mom, Jacqueline! And please remember: Constant Contact.


MB said...

So sweet! Love the shrine, and Grammy's drawers. Have a great time in San Diego -- I'm jealous! xo

Mom C said...

The bed is perfect Ellie - bigger than it looks in the pic. I slept great, happy to be here and love my suite, not to mention the Kennedy clan... xo mom

LaLa Lady said...

Can't wait to join in the fun! See y'alluns Sunday!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Jacquie, that girl of yours is aces too. So thoughtful. Love, love, love the labeled drawers. (Don't even want to think about where your girl's displaced clothes have gone ;)

Glad to hear mom Corey slept well. I'm sure there are many adventures in store for today for you ladies!

Hope to see you Tuesday!! Enjoy.


Noelle said...

The sweetest...thanks for sharing! So easily taps into memories of getting ready for my Nani to visit. Hope you enjoy every second together and so glad she beat it out of here before the 2nd storm!