Friday, March 1, 2013

If you want to sing out, sing out!

I sang in the choir. Of course I did! What else was I going to do, NOT sing in the choir?

It started at STAS, as did most good things. I can’t remember if it was always chorus or used to be just your basic singing angels under garland halo kind of proposition. I have several vivid childhood memories of moments on the stage in that auditorium. Scared of Sr. Rose, fake-laughing at Mrs. Pacifico when she flapped her bent elbows with her back to audience, directing the lyrics “angel’s wings,” crouching over my stuffed doggie to croak about what lay beyond the rainbow… I can still smell that place.

Then in High School, there was a bona fide choir with Mr. Cisco (right, Jane?) ,  whom I recall as a sweatily passionate musician who awakened a beast inside me with the introduction of The Creation. I mean sure, we’d always sung and sung loudly at home and music was a central character in the story of our family. But there’s a moment after months of learning The Creation when you’re up there in your robe and the seats are full and your favorite part is coming and everyone is on key and booooom.  It’s on.

I had forgotten what a lovely thing it is to sing in a choir.

Until tonight    

I don't even know what the heck they were singing. I was too busy trying not to ugly cry.

They were good! It was no Creation, but I was transported.

not impressed. remind you of anyface?
Who wants to join my choir?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Big Lew Cisto! I recently saw photos of the NHS class of 1982's choir's 30-year reunion and the big man looks *good*. Makes me realize how young he must have been when we -- even me, five years before you! -- had him at NHS. And, oh, The Creation. *Swoon*.

And look at your girl! She has grown so vertical. She's as tall as other children! Love her hair, love her face.

Me. I do. I want to join your choir.


Beth said...

Hey, look at that girl in the white cardigan and blue scarf, she is doing your fake-laughing at Mrs. Pacifico!! Some things never change ;)

I love your girl and her expression. And Ellie, Jacquie and I were just talking about Jacquie's girl's vertical-ness last week at the beach. She's growing up. *And* she's in the choir.


mom said...

What do you mean "croaked over the rainbow" - you nailed it girl. Love your lovely girl... xo mom

MB said...

I SO wish I had been in the NHS choir -- I love belting it out, but I do not have a trained voice. And I do not know The Creation. Love your capturing the moment, littlest. And your last link cracked me up! xoxo

MB said...

Plus, meant to mention: Harold & Maude! Cat Stevens! Great title! xo