Wednesday, March 6, 2013

staring off into space

Sometimes at work, when I'm thinking, I stare off into space. If I look to my left, I get to look out the window at pretty trees and sunshine and big blue sky.

I told you about it once
 Other times I look straight ahead, at this:
Just look at this vision of madness. The gorgeous desktop photo crowded with unused icons. The unruly stack of godknowswhat in the letter organizer behind the monitor. The file pile on the out-of-order printer, the mini piles of nonsense shoved under the little printer shelf. And holy moly, what you CAN'T see? Be afraid.

Sigh. I need to look back to the left.

But wait, there is also some really good stuff in that messy full frontal shot. 

I spy a tiny buddha in the foreground, and two tissue paper modge podge pencil cups, and my mom and my girl in the middle of that gorgeous beach scene.

How about that bulletin board in the background?  It's a freaking treasure trove.


famous inspirational blog fodder!
and there is also the matter of this

and this

slay me.

Did you notice the trio of awesome taped to the side of my dysfunctional printer? Have a closer look:

The frontal view doesn't have much in the way of scenery or nature, but it's got my heart for sure.

Everywhere I look, I get to fill my eyes up with good things. If my gaze wanders right:

No, your the best (grammar cop! grammar cop!)
Now let's get back to work!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, look at all the joyous good things! And as much as I dearly love your boy and your girl and Buddha and Obama and our Dad, that spring-like view out your window is what will sustain me today, though another winter storm.

The only thing that would make this post even better is a photo of your walls dripping with chili.


mom said...

I had to look hard and long to spot me and your girl on your screen, ah Hawaii.... love it... mom

Beth said...

I love your tiny budhha! And, I agree with Ellie, that view out your window is really something. And the window itself - gorgeous.

You children, are of course, adorable. And tiny. And so innocent and less complicated than their present selves ;)

Now who are the two people embracing in the photo on the lower right side of your bulletin board?! I cannot figure it out!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yeah, the chili incident probably inspired this post .... there ARE some telltale spots on the "your great" drawing, lol. Beth, that's me and the Prez! we're besties.