Thursday, March 7, 2013

Headless Dance Party

When My Girl Nancy, her man Jonny, my man Mistah Schleckah and I get together, oh we have ourselves a Time.

We always do.

At Nancy's urging, Mistah gets out the tripod for the obligatory photo shoot, but Mistah has been know, especially over recent years, to become bored with representational photography. For example, why take photos of entire bodies dancing to Stuff Like That, track 12 of Q's Jook Joint when you can photograph just their headless bodies?

At first, I found the photos weird and sort of annoying and, well, headless.

But then I scanned through them fast, and I love the effect -- it's like a movie, except taken with stills.

Go ahead; try it.

Jonny, get up.

Wait! Stop! This is the best photo of all:

That is not Jonny's arm lifting up the glass. Well, unless he grew a third arm.....

Okay, continue.....

 And like most photo shoots, the last photo is always the best . . .

Our next album cover.


Stephanie DeBiasi said...

this is fantastic!!!!

Hsin-Yi said...

That looks like so much fun! Totally brought a smile to my face this gray and windy morning. And makes me want to dance!

Beth said...

ya'all know how to get down in new london.

And yeah, Jonny, get off your phone and GET UP! And bravo with the 3rd arm.

I love these photos, both while scrolling fast, which is great fun, and when going frame by frame.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

this is so much fun, I love when bits of the heads are captured in the frame. yay for heads!