Friday, March 22, 2013

Mimi's books

We are currently en route to my husband's home town to celebrate the life of his mother. My kids called her Mimi, so we all call her Mimi. Mimi was a teacher who loved books. She always brought books for the kids, beautiful hardcover award winning books. At her memorial, each of her 12 grandchildren will bring their favorite Mimi book to display at the entry. We lugged out the box of Mimi books and had ourselves a trip down lovely lane.

box of love

so many treasures!
so many contenders


first runner up

honorable mention

Miss Congeniality

my girl's choice

my boy's choice (The Gingerbread Man)
my girl loved having all of those books out to peruse

thank you Mimi!


MB said...

Lovely, Jacq. Your girl is a mini you! Thinking of Mimi & all of you this weekend. xoxo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

MB, I was just about to write the same thing. She reminds me of *you*, too, and of Colleenie.

Love the trip down Lovely Lane, Jacquie. What a wonderful treasure trove of love.

Cheers to Mimi.


Beth said...

Such a great tribute. What a lovely way to honor her! And, yes, what a wonderful treasure trove of love!!

I'm sure this weekend will be bittersweet. Here's hoping it's heavy on sweet and light on bitter.

Thinking of all of you ;)


mom said...

I'm thinking of you all this week-end too, give my love to all the family. I love the blog, love that pic of your girl at the table. miss you. love, mom

Daughter of a Children's Book Lover in PA said...

Such a gift!
My children have the luxury of a elementary librarian for a grandmother, but she was sent to heaven before getting a chance to share her love of books with her 6 grandchildren. I am grateful that she collected many beautiful hardcover books and had them signed to "the Wessner grandchildren" long before any of her daughters were even married!
Those book carry her love the way Mimi's books do.
Love this post...and don't even mind the tears streaming down my face as I write this.