Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Uncle Merv gets colonial

Oh darlings, your Uncle Merv had the kind of trip that just *begs* to be run through a filmstrip projector over the roar of elderly relatives cracking nuts and taking names. I don't even know what that means, but I had a trip, and that trip began before poor ol' Uncle Merv even had a chance to change his clock for daylight savings time, so that on the first day of the conference at the ungodly hour of 8am EST, it was decidedly impossible for anyone to explain to UM exactly which end was up, or why.

The conference was a blast, professionally invigorating and socially uplifting. A really great time with really great people in a crazycakes blast-from-the-past location. Like, literally.

I knew it was Colonial Williamsburg, I knew the village was said to be like stepping into the 18th century, but with recycling. But I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first walked on over there.


It was so pretty! Quiet and unassuming and cool. I loved all the fences made from random sticks, and the pretty tree lined path that led into the village. Along the way, I stopped in for a little the-YAY-tah. 

Romeo and Juliet, remixed.
Then I arrived at the main drag, Duke of Gloucester Street, where a flying flag signaled my welcome into the various merchants that lined the street.

handsome silversmith

err....just a blacksmith

ah, there's a handsome blacksmith!
It was so funny and interesting, all of it. Of course, I was not there just to visit the handsome tradesmen. I had my share of modern work to do

But Uncle Merv isn't here to tell you about Irish car bombs (puke). Uncle Merv is here to show you the gathering of the troops!

This was billed as  "addressing the troops." What do you think he's telling them?

"Make ready....aim...Shoot the tourists!"
Back to my shops, I started with the magazine and guardhouse and made my way into every door that opened for me.

My, what a big gun you have, sir!


Bindery and bookmaker (love)
There were spontaneously occurring outbursts of drum and fife, natch.

Apothecary, where you could see the doctor or just buy the stuff to treat yourself

View of the gallows from a cell in the Public Gaol

And the cabinetmaker, ach. A lovely man who let me talk about my Dad for a longish while.
The outdoor spaces were incredibly beautiful, we were forever happening upon unexpected forests of bamboo and unusually constructed markers and boundaries.

Uncle Merv very much enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg, and next time he'll show you the photos that were oriented vertically. But for now, we're almost back to the land of the west in our cycle of sleeping and waking, so I'll leave you old bags to the cracking your nuts.

Get off my lawn.


MB said...

What an excellent adventure back to colonial times, Jacq! You are adorable. xo

Beth said...

Oh, love that cabinet maker who, "let [you] talk about [your] Dad for a longish while."

Love all of this, and really like seeing the shot of Marisa, or the side of her head, anyway ;) And doing an Irish car bomb, no less!

So glad your travels were so excellent, but also glad to have you back in the 21st century!


mom said...

Love it all Jacquie, a lot of memories of that place... xo mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Jacquie from the Bar!

I love your cabinetmaker the best. Wouldn't Dad love that place, still, even though his girls are (seim-) grown? And I love your bookbinder, too.

You look gorge; I love your long brown hair. And what a treat for you to be in Virginia in March -- so lovely!

Next time you come to the east coast, can you please come *here*?

Love you.