Tuesday, May 14, 2013


What do you get when you combine Mother's Day, Mistah turning 50, a friendly campfire, and last year's dried out Christmas Tree?

Don't worry: no eyebrows or eyelashes were harmed in the making of the photo.

The grass, however, is another story.

Happy Birthday, Mistah!


Hsin-Yi said...

Aw shucks, I missed the best part! I love how Christmas trees crackle as they burn.
It was a fantastic day though, thanks for letting us be part of it!

Beth said...

Burn baby burn....

Can't belive Mistah is 50! Bet he can still bust out the disco inferno moves though.

Happy belated!


Pat said...

Happy birthday Mistah--you young thing you.
Love, Pat

Lisa S said...

Happy Birthday, Bill! We'll be able to toast you in person in a few weeks. Can't wait.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is quite an impressive birthday candle! I'd hate to be the cake.

Happy Birthday, Billy Boy!