Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo booth reflections redeux

I have blogged about photo booth photos before. And Jacquie has too. Jacquie may actually have a slight disability when it comes to the whole 4-shot set up, but she rocks three of the four photos nonetheless.

I've been known to say that if I ever have a big party, I'll rent a photo booth because they are so much fun.

Well my friend Shellie just had such a party. She threw a blowout 49th birthday party this past Saturday night. And in addition to all the booze and food, which was abundant and included cupcakes by none other than a Cupcake Wars winner (Pure Cupcakes in PB) and an ice-cold Ballast Point keg, also award-winning and sourced locally, there was a band and a photo booth. With props.

I didn't even know there were props my first time in the booth. I ended up in there almost straightaway with none other than Ralph Dinosaur, lead singer of Ralph Dinosaur and the Fabulous Volcanos, out of Durango, Colorado.

Yes, these guys came all the way out here from Durango to play for Shellie and her people. And don't worry, Ralph didn't forget his women's undergarments.

He was just off his first set, and talking to Shellie, when I arrived, and before either of us knew what was happening, photo booth guy ushered us into the photo booth. As you'll see below, props absolutely not needed:

 I'll have to take this to Durango with me this summer to see if it will grant me free entry into one of their gigs...

A bit later on, Donna and Susan and I did hit up the props.

Batman with princesses? Perfect.

Thanks for the fun, Shellie. And happy belated.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is awesomely bizarre and fun! I *love* me some photo booth action.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh Beth you are *so* adorable. Look atchyerself!

All that and an ice-cold Ballast Point keg? Like your own little slice of Heaven.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Dinosaur in a photo booth with my sister!? In California?!?!
What the ...

Beth said...

Ha, Hap! You're the reason I ended up in there. I was telling him that my brother also played in a band in Durango, and yep, he knows of Jack Ten High.

I actually didn't listen to Ralph and the band that much, but I did catch a very fun rendition of Going Down The Road Feeling Bad ;)


Pat said...

Holy moly! How did I miss hearing about this...what fun...and the Durango beat goes on!!!
Love, Mother of Anonymous