Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wind Chimes

It is Wind Chime Heaven around here.

I know, I know, I have discussed this before.

But, frankly, I have discussed everything before.

It's been five years, people.....

But our wind chimes? They are bigger and better than ever.

They are Big.

And they are Bold.

And they are, of course, as always, inappropriate.

 Everybody doesn't love wind chimes. But me? Oh, I do.

I love their music, I love that the one Mumsie "gave" us is specifically tuned to sound like Gregorian chants, I love that they remind me of being on the road, I love waking up to the tinging pipes, I love that they're prognosticators of the weather, I love how they look, I love sitting on my front porch with Mistah and trying to remember where each one came from, I love that we can drown out the 46 barking dogs in the 'hood with their sound, I love that I restrung a few of them this early spring, I love Windchime Scott, I love the Florida Keys......

I love wind chimes.


John said...

I love wind chimes, too. And I love your porch. Next time you're in Texas, come visit; and bring your porch.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Oh, I wanna see and hear your wind chimes! My in-laws have a set that play the most peaceful, melodic chimes I've ever heard. Love them!

Beth said...

Oh my, my, your mermaid is still *naked*! I had the Barbie tops all packed up and ready to mail....must find!!!!

Love seeing the wee small Mistah in that one shot ;)

Love wind chimes too, especially how they "can drown out the 46 barking dogs in the 'hood with their sound." Is it usually the dog owners that don't like wind chimes I wonder?


mom c said...

I thought you had sent Ms. Mermaid some clothes to make her decent, Beth... She's the scandal of the neighborhood..... xoxo mom c

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I *love* rereading the first ever post! God, 'member that? I can stand chimes. Mostly.

but I LOVE you.


Gail said...

You three are all soooo gifted and so open and raw with your individual posts that take us with you through your life experiences; I LOVE your stories....

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! You have a great collection. I have a random question, do you know how to find wind chime Scott? I have several of his works and want another!
Thank you!!!! Karen

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes! I do, Karen! I don't know how to get in touch with you though. If you see this comment, email me at



aftab khatri said...

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