Friday, May 3, 2013


I love my Thursday routine. I go in late for work after taking a really fun class at the gym with a room full of people I've been sweating with for years. Some are real life friends, many are a special/weird brand of acquaintance based on having one very specific thing in common in the midst of our vastly different lives.  It's a really fun group though, and an invigorating workout  that makes every Thursday start out overflowing with awesome.

After my workout I take a gross shower in the gross locker room (whole other post), then I pop in to Vons for two specific items from two specific vendors: =First, starbucks, where I get a triple espresso, iced in a venti cup. (fill it up with nonfat milk, take a small straw so I don't drink it all in one sip). Second: sushi station, where Lin is preparing fresh goodies for the day. I approach, she looks up and says: "Ahhh, Thursday!" Then she makes my masterpiece of a rainbow roll with spicy tuna inside instead of the traditional yet vile krab.

Then I go to work, but only for a little while because it's minimum day and the kid transport begins shortly after noon. I used to drive in circles all around the town then rush back to work, and for a while I tried not going in at all on Thursdays and made it a day of appointments and projects. During that time I started going to a hybrid yoga class on Thursday afternoons, and then even when circumstances required me to resume the circular driving/rushing/resuming work madness I somehow managed to bring my butt back to that class every week. It's good for my perpetually aching muscles, and for my soul.     

I like knowing that sometimes I make a priority to do the thing that is good for my soul.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I couldn't stand being at work even for the brief interlude between morning and afternoon workouts. When I finally left, I could not tolerate the thought of going back into any indoor space, regardless of the soul satisfaction. I needed a substitute soul satisfaction.

I found it.

Who knew that true zen was watching two lovely friends try to get themselves onto a giant floating horsey?


  as good as it gets =)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ach, I love those two. I've known them both their whole lives -- as they have eachother -- and now they are such gigantic women. In the words of your no-longer-baby-girl, it's freaking me out.

What a wonderful way to spend a San Diego Thursday afternoon! Those photos just scream San Diego at me -- something about the lighting and the color of the pool water and the, you know, bare skin. Brilliant town.

I miss you schnookums. I miss your peeps. I miss your town.

Oh, and I'll take a triple espresso, iced in a venti cup, and the masterpiece of a rainbow roll with spicy tuna inside instead of the traditional yet vile krab. Please. To go.


MB said...

Those girls are so adorable! Zen indeed. xo

Beth said...

Glad you made it to the pool yesterday after all. Good show. You can always go to class next Thursday. Your soul will be waiting ;)

And your Thursday routine? I want that!! But I must say, the combination of the triple espresso and sushi makes my stomach a little queasy. I'm hoping there is a few hours break between caffine kick and raw fish feast?

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Maybe you should bring the giant floating horsey...


mom said...

Your girl in the first picture looks like a Flatley.... what a nice afternoon - jealous. love, mom