Monday, May 6, 2013

It's May, and it's Monday, and it's Spring.

It's here. All of a sudden. It's May, and it's Monday, and it's Spring, and everyone is suddenly smiling, all the time.

There is a lot to report, but we're going for the snapshot version here.....

The Garde Theater. It slakes our thirst for culture all year long with its awesomeness.

The whale. The whales everywhere. We are the Whaling City, people. And we are proud.

The Magical Tree.

My advice: ride your bike downtown, ride under the Magical Tree (and her bridesmaids), lift your face up unto her beauty, understand what heaven must look like, and hope you don't ride into anyone down here on Earth.

Happy MayMondaySpring.


Beth said...

I love each of these photos.

And can feel your MayMondaySpring exuberance! Yay for you and *all* of your whaling city peeps.


mom said...

Beautiful Ellie....

Me, You, or Ellie said...

those are really great photos, love! happy spring, schnookums!