Friday, June 20, 2014


Right after the turn of the century, in the earliest year of the new millennium, a little baby girl was born.

So Mistah and I drove to San Diego to meet her.

 And we all got along swimmingly.

The only bad thing was saying good-bye every year.


The good thing was that we got to see her every year.

Sometimes she came to visit us in Connecticut . . .


And sometimes we visited her in California.

The really good years were when we got to see her in both places.

One of my all-time faves.

She ruled the school at our family party in Phelps.

(A rare moment when she wasn't driving the pontoon boat.)


She really is quite a pip.

As her oldest cousin, whom she adores, texted me after a recent visit: "She's rather adorable." You're not so bad yourself, Colleenie.

Giving "the look" from the earliest years of her life.

. . . and the life of the party, always.

The Birthday Girl!  June 20, 2007.  Six!

She -- and her brudder -- are Westy-Lovers . . .

. . . and Porgie lovers. Aw, Porgie.


Way back when she was seven, she was a mere surfing spectator . . . unlike now.

. . . and a fierce karate expert . . .

. . . and who can forget . . .

. . . Little Girl, Big Dog.

Dressy dress girls.

2008 also marked the beginning of the annual Uncle-Bill-photo-session-at-Ocean-Beach-East series.

I die.


Like Phelps five years before, our whole family got together in 2009 in the Poconos . . .

. . . as I may have mentioned.

Yeah, that worked out pretty well.


Where does the time go?

Don't ask me because I have no earthly idea.

Aren't they cooperative and well-behaved children?

It's true.

We're excited for the 2022 version of this photo.


In 2013 we got to see lots of our then-12-year-old friend; we had her all to ourselves for a few days. She was a delight . . .

. . . a goober . . .

. . . terribly fierce . . .

. . . incredibly gorgeous . . .

. . . and pure joy.

And now? Let's see what 13 brings.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Boogsie!


Beth said...

Bravo, Ellie! Bravo.

This is so great. I had to read through the whole post, then go back s.l.o.w.l.y to look at each photo in the larger view.

How CAN that peanut be a teenager, TODAY?!?!? Seems totally impossible. But true. Sigh.

I totally agree with Colleenie, she is really rather adorable.

Glad I get to see her often!!

Happy, happy, day Jacquie's girl!


jacquie said...

Wow! What a tribute to my baby girl. Thanks, Ellie. She really is a pretty perfect specimen of human beast. Can you believe she came from me?

love, love


mom said...

I love every bit of this post, can't stop looking at it.... xo mom