Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jai Hanuman

I stepped out of time for a bit last week. Left my work, and my girls, and my other responsibilities and  headed to Boulder, Colorado.

I've been to Boulder before, but it had been years. It's still as beautiful as I remember, but this particular weekend had the added bonus of world-class yoga and music -- the Hanuman Festival.

My friend Carlee suggested we go to it this winter. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Let me assure you now, after the fact, it WAS a good idea.

We arrived on Thursday to spend some time in town and to make it to that night's kirtan, the kick-off of the festival. (If you don't know what kirtan is, you can look it up. A description here will just make me look like an om-ing, chanting, ecstatic weirdo.)

 [Hanuman Festival 2014 Photo Credit: Tony Felgueiras Photograph]

Friday was right into classes.

Carlee and I are in both these photos. See us? ha!

Oh wait, there's Carlee! (I didn't make the cut. I'm next to her on the right.)

 [Hanuman Festival 2014 Photo Credit: Tony Felgueiras Photograph] 

 At one point on Saturday there were lightning strikes, so the two classes going on in outside tents had to be relocated/merged with inside classes. This meant that 80 or so extra people joined our class. It made for extra teachers on stage too, but Saul there (see him?), is my new boyfriend, so I was very happy to welcome him and his tribe into the space. (As was everybody else.)

Okay, wait, did I say that Saul was my new boyfriend? Because that's not really true. Xavier is my new boyfriend.

He was Friday night's featured musical artist at the Boulder Theater.

At one point this kid got on stage and danced his face off.

Later on, Xavier did the same. Sigh.

 [Hanuman Festival 2014 Photo Credit: Tony Felgueiras Photograph]

He's an Aussie. And an amazing musician.

And well, just look at him!

He really did put us in quite the good mood. As did meeting Saturday's music headliner after the show. Yep. Trevor Hall was in the house listening to Xavier, and was nice enough to take some time to hang out with us.

 We were pretty estatic by the time we exited the venue.

Yay for the Boulder Theater!

But we were in for even more music fun, because in addtion to his Saturday night set, Trevor played a Sunday afternoon set at the Hanuman festival site. It was small, intimate, relaxed, and fun.

[Hanuman Festival 2014 Photo Credit: Tony Felgueiras Photograph]

And did I mention we were really, really close to the stage?

Right behind the elephant's behind!

Wacky panoramic shot.
His afternoon set ran a little long, we literally had to run back to the hotel to grab the car and head to the airport.

After one last photo....

Jai Hanuman. We'll see you next year!


Pat said...

Wow what a trip!
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You look *fabulous* Beth. Wow!

And what an absolutely perfect-sounding festival for you. Yoga? Music? Hot yoga teachers? Hot musicians?

I can only fervently hope they had good beer for you.

Great shots, great colors, Love!


Beth said...

They did, Ellie, they did! Even on the flight home, when usually your choices are between Budweiser and Miller Liten and other un-drinkables, there were not one, but two good choices. I opted for Dale's! Gotta love a good pale ale post-yoga fest ;)


jacquie said...

What fun for you! I gotta say, the pictures of the huge group yoga classes make me feel far from relaxed. Glad you had a good getaway, looking forward to a fun weekend back in San Diego!


sr devraj said...

guys enjoying hanuman festival... read hanuman chalisa too