Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hard Workers Working Hard

Our small but quite solid quartet worked hard in Boston.

What? We did! We worked hard to have all that fun.

But we did not work as hard as the poor bastids who were there to make sure all we had was fun.

Case in point.

Hard worker . . .

. . . working hard.

And then when we got to our seats?

The ballpark was lousy with hard workers . . .

. . . working hard.

Some wore blue . . .

. . . some wore yellah . . .

. . . but all of them were there for a single sole purpose . . .

. . . to pose for Schleckah.

No! To work hard!

To be hard workers . . .

. . . working hard.

Without these guys, the hardest working hard workers in Fenway . . .

. . . nay, the hardest working hard workers in all the land . . .

. . . where would we be?

Nowhere, that's where we'd be.

We'd have no beer, we'd have no peanuts, we've have -- gasp -- no Fenway Franks.

We would, my people, have no pretzels.

Thank you, you hard workers working hard. Thank you.

Keep up the hard work.


John said...

Indeed! Those hard-working hard workers deserve our undying gratitude. So do the hard workers who are replacing my air conditioner as I write this. Hard workers deserve our LOVE!

Me, You, or Ellie said...



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Those guys look thrilled to be posing for Schleckie, lol. glad the hard workers were working hard for all of your refreshment needs.


Beth said...

I love hard workers working hard. Especially the ones who haul around the cold beers ;)

Hopefully Tony G has his own team of hard workers in his ballpark of the afterlife. RIP, Tony.