Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Yeterday's email subject line from from my oldest girl's history teacher caught my eye:

Sushi potluck

Really? Sushi potluck? My girl will hate it, along with half of her peers, I'm sure, but, um, yum.

Rather atypical no? But there is a reason; this year the 7th grade is performing a dance from Japan in the greatly anticipated multicultural dance festival  (Wtf, you ask? Why if she goes to a Spanish immersion school are they performing a Japanese dance?! I mean, Japan, last time I checked, does not have a large Spanish-speaking population.)

Good question -- I didn't get it either. Especially when my other daughter told me her class was performing a French dance. Huh??

But I've come to learn that this year there is a World Cup theme, so Japan (and France) kinda makes sense. I still think it's a strange pick, but whatever. I'm not in charge. I just read the emails. And show up and cheer.

I sometimes feel guilty about how little I volunteer at their school. I support it financially, and attend all the events, but I'm very rarely involved on campus, and only a little less rarely send my kids laden with goodies for parties and potlucks. (Judge me if you must.)

But this potluck? My response to the request below?

 I also have TONS of plates and napkins, but utensils would be nice, especially if they were chopsticks.

Well, I've got them covered.

どういたしまして (You're welcome!)


Pat said...

Arigatou gozaimasu...glad you kept those sticks!
Love, mom

Beth said...

I really should have posted a photo of all the OTHER crap that was in my office desk drawer. But honestly, it was too gross.

But it's all cleaned out now. Feels good!

Nothing like chopstick hunting to get you motivated. ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is a might impressive chopstick haul, especially if it's from your desk drawers! Yum. sushi.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am slightly stunned, and very impressed, that you had that many chopsticks in your desk drawer. Um, are you one of those hoarders, like on tv?

I would love to eat sushi and watch international dances, Japanese *and* French.

Have fun!