Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'll see your photo booth...

... and I'll raise you to a whole new level of crazy. 

I loved Beth's photo booth post from yesterday, and as those of you who read the comments know, it inspired me to share one of my own.

I wish I could be offended by the fact that Beth assumed I was inspired to recycle an old post, but the let's be real. I think she was guessing I would recycle this one

But no! I have a NEW, INSPIRED post about photo booth photos! It's from the wedding we went to in Seattle this summer. As a special bonus, I am wearing the same dress. It's what I wore to every recent Event. I dug up the link to the gallery from Meg & Sanjay's wedding and tried to download images, but those cheapasses expected me to purchase the photos! Wait. Who is the cheapass? nevermind. Please forgive the crappiness of the following images, which I photographed from the computer monitor with my phone. Don't tell Schlekah. 

I feel compelled to pull out my favorites from each session:

At least one of these people appears to be mental
I have to include several from the family photo session so you can help me decide which one is most appropriate for this year's Christmas card:

Option 1: why mom tryna be gangsta?

Option 2: shady

Option 3: why mom gotsa ruin everything
This whole series was just way beyond awesome:

Hi Charlotte! Hi Jane! Hi Ju-la-la!

And finally... superstahas

I need a photo booth at home.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Me! Too!

These are beyond awesome. I love Mr. Can with his cheesy grin and playing card shades. And you're so dang purdy in every one -- how do you do that? And your son? Mr. Stoic? I die. And just nevermind about your girl.

Love so much. Why does everyone get to have photo booth fun except for moi?


Beth said...

Cearly, you DO need a photo booth in your home. You are so dang animated, girl. Every shot your personality is shining through. (We love the mental gangsta Jacquie! ha).

I have a lot of favorites from this smorgasbord of photo booth photos, but if I were forced to choose it would be the 3rd down in your family booth photo. Your boy's grin and hand position. I doe! You're all perfect in that shot! (And always) That could totally be your holiday card. But maybe you should just forget the boys and go with the "superstahas" phopto. Seriously, Jaclyn Smith ain't got *nothin* on you!.


Beth said...

I die too!