Friday, September 5, 2014

Puja rewind

I love September, it is my very favorite month. I love it for many reasons, but one of them is because so many of my favorite people were born in this month; including, of course, Ellie! Happy Birthday, Ellie!!!! May your day be filled with sunshine and surprises ;) And something(s) delicious to sip on.

I also love it because the kids go back to school and we resume a somewhat more-regular schedule. I don't, however, love the innane ammount of paperwork that you must fill out for each child at the beginning of each school year. Seeing as it's 2014 you'd think most of this stuff would be electronic and you could simply log in and update anything that had changed from the previous year. But no. This is what you get instead:

Which quickly turns into this:

It's actually been a grueling first 5 days of September, mostly because I'm battling a nasty cold, but also due to the-first-week-of-school challenges, and cramming in a 13th birthday celebration for another one of my very favorite people mid-week. (Happy Birthday, eldest!!)

So, to calm my ragged nervous system, and remind myself of why I am much more frazzled this particular first-week-of-school than I have been in year's past (note: do not attempt to shop for back to school clothes and backpacks on Labor day, the day before school), I'm sharing photos of the puja that was the culminating event of my 10 days of yoga immersion in San Francisco (which got me behind in my back-to-school duties, etc. etc.).


Aah, don't you feel better?


Pat said...

Love. Mom

jacquie said...

love! you look so pretty


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beth, you look like one of your daughters....

And thank you! September is pretty bitchin'. I like this whole born-now-vibe.

Love you.

Deep breaths.