Monday, April 20, 2015

Birdie Love

"What Spring Means To Me" by Ellie Corey.

 1. Birdie Love.

  See those two? Chasing eachother in the tree?

. . .  and around the yard?

And by "chasing" I mean "eager to make the birdie love".

Oh, spring.
 2. Our Deck.

 . . . aka Trailer Park Nation. Do not judge, just understand. It has been a long winter around these parts. It is warm way down low, on la plywood . . .

3. Lovelies.

My sister Jane and her posse were over there across The Bridge for the weekend.

Mistah and I secretly kidnapped Jane's coat so we could triumphantly and majestically return said coat, under the guise of being super-heroes, and got to hug all her lovely girls from back in their college days

Adante Cavalier!

4. Joyrides.

The joyride there and back, coat aboard?

. . . was awesome.

5. Front Porch. 

It's coming back to life. Wind chimes, mermaids . . .  it's all coming back to Life.

6. Let's Go Mets.

Boy, is it great to be a Mets fan. Man, is it terrible to lose two crucial guys to broken bones in one game.

Buy hey. It's spring. Baseball and windchimes and joyrides and lovelies and deck time and birdie love?

That is What Spring Means to Me.

The End.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yay! Spring!

jacquie said...

Aw, love! Happy Smiley Joy. Y'all certainly earned your spring this year, hope it's a great one!