Monday, April 6, 2015

Play Ball!

We have a couple more ball games of the exciting, fast-faced, nerve-wracking kind. Tonight, Wisconsin vs. Duke, in the men's final:

Go Badgers.

But much more importantly, tomorrow night:

Go Huskies!!

In the meantime, though, today is Opening Day of that other kind of ball game. The first day of Baseball Season. Number 1 of 162. One of the very best days of the year, with its promise of spring and summer and grass and sunshine.

And, of course . . .

 . . . hot dogs.

If today isn't International Hot Dog Day, it should be. In fact, I declare it so.

Happy International Hot Dog Day, everybody!

Now get out there and Play Ball!

Let's Go Mets!


mom said...

Baseball, basketball (yay UConn), the Masters coming up..What do non sports loving peeps do these days? great post Ellie....xoxo mom

Pat said...

The new, improved Padres open at home on Thursdsy--number 38 for me. Wish you all could be there with me. Ok... I will have a berr for each of you.
Love, Pat

Beth said...

Sadly, I am not going to the Pads home opener this year, but apparently my mom will have a beer for me, which is some consolation.

I've not watched not one minute of basketball this year, which is shocking, I'm sure. But you have fun with that, E. :)


jacquie said...

Ditto to all of that, Bef. I am happy whenever anyone has a beer, with or without me, but especially FOR me. I"m excited for base-a-ball. That weenie pic is pretty nasty though.

Have fun, sports fans!