Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hotel fail

I am en route back to San Diego from Washington DC. I was there for work, so this travel didn't cost me much, in fact, I was paid to be there.

And the hotel was not too shabby. (I love a nice hotel room to myself, and it doesn't happen often.)

This hotel was in DuPont Circle and on the modern side. The staff was amazing and it had a hip bar with great cocktails and craft beers. 

It had the requisite minibar, but this is where my dreamy hotel room failed me.

The only choice was -- Peroni!?

What the? Who drinks Peroni? Not anyone I know -- not even the Italians. And c'mon, DC is America's least go with an American beer! Even if it's Budweiser, or some other crappy American Pilsner. 

I know, I know who really cares? I definitely didn't. It actually got me down to the hip bar all the more quickly, where I was able to ask the cute bartender for local recommendations while drinking a local IPA. 

So in retrospect, maybe it wasn't a fail at all. Glass half full and all....


mom c said...

I love hotels too, Beth, but not even any vodka in the mini bar? pshaw....xoxo mom c.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my GOD I love hotel room beds. Our girl Jacquie was giant-hearted enough to share hers with me recently. Well, her hotel room, not her bed. Sadly. Yours looks quite awesome, though.

I love Peroni! I do agree, though, that it makes an odd mini-bar choice.

Maybe it was all part of a nefarious plan to get you down to the hip bar to meet The Man Of The Year.



jacquie said...

Mom and I had a beer at the Peroni brewey in Rome, so I have a soft spot indeed. In fact, I also have a glass that I spirited all teh way back to the US with me. I'd choose italian swill over american swill any day. Welcome home! Let's drink beer.


ps: what the hell kind of captcha bullshit is this? is ramen considered pasta? wtf

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I would like to have a beer at the Peroni brewery in Rom, please.

Por favore.




Unknown said...

I was waiting to see cobwebs on the walls or dirty floors and a filthy shower. That room looked absolutely amazing. if the only thing that was bad was the drink selection, you scored. It is like playing roulette when you visit a hotel you have never been to before. I am always nervous putting that key in the door.

Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine