Monday, October 26, 2015

A Ride In The Woods

My Girl Nancy called Saturday morning and said she and her man Jonny were thinking about coming down with their bikes for a ride at Bluff Point. What did we think?

What did we think? We thought, "Yes please."

And what a ride in the woods it was.

We had the wrong bikes for it, of course . . .

Between us, we had a fabulous mountain bike (Jon), a decrepit old mountain bike with one gear and no front shocks (Nancy), a newish hybrid with fat tires (Mistah), and an oldish hybrid with thin almost-road bike tires (me).

The perfect combination of bikes . . .

. . . because we are the perfect combination of people . . .

. . . see?

It was a gorgeous fall southeastern Connecticut day, and although it was gray, it was warm. And the colors were beautiful. The four of us never knew where we were going on those trails, and had the wrong gear for the technical downhills over gigantic boulders, but we never cared . . .

. . . because we were all about, "Wanna stop here?"


"Ooh, look. How 'bout here?"

"Why not?"

"Oooh, look at the riders demo-ing those phat-tire bikes!"

We thought we'd made a wrong turn and landed in Asheville.

We've been doing this hanging-around-together-thing for a long time, the four of us . . .

. . . well, especially the *two* of us . . .

. . . but, really, the four of us. And luckily, none of us can get enough of stone walls . . .

. . . or state park views . . .

. . . or tooling-through-the-woods-if-we-can't-be-on-the-beach . . .

. . . but mostly, we can't get enough of Nancy:

. . . who can, really?

We call this, "Is that the one where I almost drove right into Schleckah and turned at the last second and he took my photo right before I almost took him out?"

Yes, that's the one, dude.

After all these years, we can't get enough of eachother.


Beth said...

Wow, spectacular tree porn, and that wasn't even the focus of the post. Sweet. Lovin those water shots. You all live in one mighty gorgeous section of the planet earth!

And you are all gorgeous yourselves too.

Not a bad combination, right?

Thanks for sharing your friend-filled wood ride.


jacquie said...

So pretty and greenish fallish! Love these, especially Nancy girl. Y'all are a crew for the ages.

nice one!