Friday, October 23, 2015


Yesterday when I woke up and enjoyed my leisurely morning routine of checking email and social media, Facebook greeted me with one of those cheesy "memories" posts, because they care about me and my photo history. I usually ignore/hide those posts because they tend to feature random drink pics, but this time? Oh, it was my babies. And they were ca-YOOT. It put me in a nostalgic state of mind, which inspired me to dig back into the archives for more evidence that these snarling, eye rolling teenagers of mine were once teeny tiny little love nuggets. May I present the evidence?


Is there a Doctor in the house?

I couldn't help but notice that there was something odd about this suitcase....

It almost looked like someone was trying to claw their way out of it.

But wait...

Oh hello there! Were you resting in that outside zipper pocket?

Girlfriend, what happened to your forehead?

Oh dear.

And look at your poor doggie, up there on the bed

His sutures are harder to see, but I count at least nine, right there in the abdomen.

How will you keep him from chewing and scratching at them?


Could all of this misfortune have been inspired by actual events?

We might have another surgeon in the family after all, Dad!


Beth said...

the good old days! Seems almost impossible that they were that cute and small not all that long ago....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

It *is* a cone! It *is*!

I do like the snarling, eye-rolling incarnations of your wee'uns, but they were cute, they were.

And so wittle. Wha' hoppy?