Friday, October 2, 2015

they gave consent

Beth and I have told you about our girls, and how happy we are that they have a spectacular friendship, surely modeled on the spectacular friendship that they've known all their lives, between their mothers.

They started high school this year! And the four of us have forged a firm committment to keeping the friendship strong and hearty despite the fact that our girls are at different schools. As luck would have it, both schools are walking distance from the lovely Beth's home, so yesterday when I had a late meeting and Bill couldn't fetch Clara, we arranged for her to walk over to Anneke's and hang out until I was done.

It's just so chock full of bonuses! It's an easy walk, Anneke met her along the way, Clara stole a change of clothes as per (she dresses for A/C classrooms but it's 9million degrees out, always), and after a long day at work I scored a visit and a beer with my friend Beth while being entertained by our weird daughters.

When they started behaving bizarrely, I wielded my phone camera and told them I needed blog fodder. Specifically, I said: "Whatever you do, I have consent to post on my blog. Beth is my witness." 

This is what they did

what just happened?

When we got in the car to go home, Clara asked to see/edit the photos.

No way, baby girl.

You gave consent.


Anonymous said...

Adorbs mini-Jacq & mini-Beth! Can't wait to see you. xo

Beth said...

They are so, so very weird. Wonder if this too is modeled on their mothers?

Raelly glad your girl is in the hood, at least during school hours. She is always welcome at our house!!


Safe travels today, and happy early birthday to Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

They are *so* cute and *so* weird.

I was witness to your girl looking at the blog at her Grammy's dining room table.

It's a good thing she gave consent in advance, is all I can say.