Monday, October 19, 2015

The Happiest Saddest Day

Everybody who lives in the greater southeastern Connecticut geographical region knows that there are two sad days every year.

The day the clocks turn back and all of a sudden it's dark at 4. That's a sad day.

And the shortest day of the year. The winter solstice. Mom's least favorite day. That's a sad one, too.

But for me? My least favorite day of the year is The Day Big Cacti Comes Inside.

They don't call him Big Cacti for nuthin'.

We had our first cold day yesterday . . .

. . . but we didn't mind, because we had the Tin Man to keep us warm . . .

. . . and we got to hang out with our late-season plants, who had no idea that their lives were about to change, dramatically.

Oh, Morning Glory, on your last day on Earth . . .

. . .  oh, Big Cacti, about to be stuck inside for the next six months . . . 

. . . oh . . .  Hey that's me!

There is one person and one person only who helps Mistah and me bring Big Cacti in and out, twice a year, and that's our friend Bruce.

Yes, he has a family and young kids, yes, he's super busy. Yes, it's true.  But twice a year we need him, and twice a year he delivers.

It's a sad day, but it's a happy sad day, because we get to see Bruce, and his lovely girl, and their adorable kids.

It's the happiest saddest day ever. . . . 

. . . but at least we've got good help.


jacquie said...

Can't believe how quickly things changed! Look at y'all bundled up cutie pies. Enjoy these two fleeting weeks before the dreaded time change, and your warm, plant filled kitchen!



Beth said...

That is a bit sad, E. But as Jacquie points out, now you have a(n even more) gorgeous kitchen! That's something! :)

I am pretending the time change isn't coming -- it's working so far! It might get a wee bit harder come Sunday, November 1. Oh wait, no it won't. I'll be in Chile!

I'm with Ellen on the winter solstice. Sad, sad day, but the next one is the first not-as-short one, so there is always that!


mom c said...

I know Beth, I start feeling better December 22nd!
Have a nice winter Big Cacti! xox mom