Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 final fling

Happy New Year! We closed out 2015 with a visit to Phoenix, wanna see? 

Day one (not pictured): driving, million stops, always forget we lose an hour, yada yada

Night one (not pictured): a wonderful gathering of southwest cousins and offspring, sinfully delicious pizza, cookies, copious wine consumption, visit to other cousins from other side of family, heads up/name game/stray dog chronicles. 

Day two:

Morning at Camp Flatley! I love to sip my latte out there, but it was cccccccold! How we suffer.
Clara and the kids

An afternoon Tempe excursion for a little rock scrambling and gorgeous warm desert sun

These two.  totally just went down the rabbit hole of clicks back through the history of this frousin love. sigh!

commence heart attacks

Mia and Luke took a joyride
 Somehow STILL afternoon:

laser tag! godhelpme. Bill and Joe were there too, but they didn't fit themselves into the frame. 
 Then we all headed to Sheila and Joe's for delicious spags and balls, and I caught the world's best photo of the 3rd generation from both Flatley and Kennedy bloodlines. You have to see the whole series, though. Money shot was the last one

After scolding ourselves for not getting a cousin photo the previous night when another Flatley family had been represented, we made do with our fine selves after rejecting about 40 test shots in which I looked like I was holding in a pee pee. 
  We suggested to Jon that he photoshop himself in there. 

He looks good, doesn't he? 


We ended that long day with a final visit to our Kennedy types, who happen to live exactly one mile from our fabulous hosts

they are adorable to boot

 And then just like that, we had a final breakfast with the guys and a quick visit from Sheila and Mia, packed up the rig and hit the highway to home.

Night night, 2015.
This year had ups and downs, but certainly went out with a bang!



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, love the frousin love. So much! Mind-bending that so very many sides of so very many families live so close to eachother. *Poof*. That's the sound of my mind blown.

The gorgeousness of the desert is eclipsed only by the gorgeousness of the peoples. And Clara and Mia's faces. I die.

Love it, gf! Happy 2016 to you and your'n.

Love you!


mom said...

Love all the family getting together, warms my heart.. I miss you guys...
xoxo mom