Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lookie back

Wow, the 13th of January already! We're into it, aren't we? It's about that time when saying "Happy New Year" to people when you greet them is falling off, feeling passe, but I'm going to keep it going here on MY&E. Once again, as I seem to do often, I'm going to copy my delightful co-blogger Ellie and take The Look Back myself.

To sum up, 2015 was a very good year for me. As some of you may recall, it was Year of the Man. I must say, it was a total success. In fact, this very day marks one year since the first date with my main man. And I had all sorts of other wonderful and wacky men and man experiences in my life in 2015 too. 2016 is Year of the Career, and it's going to rock. I have some exciting changes coming up, which I look forward to sharing, but that's all for another blog post....

Today is just a look see back in time.

What kids in snowless San Diego do in the winter.

Disneyland for dance, and more

Expo West yoga event where I assisted my teacher, Janet Stone. 

Spring = softball

May was a month full of music. Carlee and me at the U2 show at the LA Forum.

More music. Fare Thee Well shows in Santa Clara, see Uncle Merv's post for a run down.

Aline and family do San Diego (oh my!)

Southern Baja vacation

San Elijo sunset


Thanksgiving day with my girl

Holiday cheer with family


Pat said...

What a wonderful year!
May your 2016 be so as well.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, so lovely!

So glad you had a good year, g-friend. You so very much deserved it. So eager to hear more about The (Year of the) Man and The Year of the Career!

Gorgeous kids, gorgeous you.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Just realized I was so busy hounding you directly that I neglected to comment! Brilliant year, girlfriend. Love you


mom c said...

Love it Beth.....April slays me....
Happy New Year... Mom C