Monday, January 11, 2016

The Look Back

(The Look Back is actually a camping term: after you pack what seems like an impossibly vast array of equipment and belongings and stuff into your Westy, as you drive away you Look Back. To see if you left anything behind. And as a result still have your coffee cup, your welcome mat, and your plug.

But that's not important right now.)

Happy New Year! 2016, people.

This is the time of year when we traditionally do The Look Back on the year we just left behind. Unlike our enamel coffee cup, though, there's no getting' it back.

Let's have a look-see, shall we?


The month of the Splash.


The month of the Boozy Luncheons.


The month of traveling about, and reconnecting with my peeps.


The month when the stuff grows.

May. And May. And May. And May. And May
Hey, what can I say? It was epic.

It really, really, really was.

June. That was pretty epic, too.

It was.


Summertime, baby.

August. Epic.

Seriously. Three amazing weddings. Three. How lucky are we?


My birthday month. One of my favorite months of the entire year.

October. You guessed it. Epic.

My Mom. Our matriarch, our doyenne, our goddess. What a celebration.


It's true what they say about leaves in November in New England. It's all true.


Good-night, 2015. What a fabulous year you were. You nailed it, and we are grateful.

Good morning, 2016. If you can bring us half as much fun as 2015? Well, bring it on.


Beth said...

Love this look back, Ellie!

Three weddings and a milestone birthday celebration - that is quite a year.

C'mon 2016! It's year of the monkey, starting on February 8th, so it's bound to be full of fun and frivolity.


jacquie said...

It *was* a pretty good year! Love this, and psyched to do my own look back this week. I saw you thrice this year, dude. That's pretty good.

Let's go for the quad in 2016


mom said...

Beautiful recap Ellie, I loved it all, especially October, lol... Thanks for the memories... love, mom